Top 5 Wither Straps For Horses Of 2023

No matter if you are a professional or an amateur horse racer, a wither strap is a should-have item in your tack. It will help you keep the breast collar stay in the right position. Also, the Wither Straps For Horses act as a decoration that can shine out your personality.


But, which wither strap should you buy? Well, this article today can give you a certain answer to that question. Stay tuned for more useful information ahead!

Top 5 Wither Straps For Horses Comparison Table.

In-depth Reviews of 5 Wither Straps For Horses 2023.

#1: Shiloh Showman Wide Floral Tooled Wither Strap – Best For the Money

Shiloh Showman Wide Floral Tooled Wither Strap

If you a looking for a simple but outstanding wither strap for horse tack, this Shiloh Showman withers strap might be what you are searching for.

The most beloved thing in this strap is the carefully tooled floral pattern. With a width of 1.25”, this tooled floral center can give your tack a simple but bold finish. Also, brown and bohemian color is suitable for many horse skin colors.

In terms of material, this wither strap is made from high-quality harness leather that can withstand extended use. Moreover, it is crafted carefully with reinforced stitching for higher durability. Hence, I strongly believe that this strap can go with you for at least three years.

This strap features two buckles on both halves of the pattern that allows you to shorten or lengthen both two strings. You can keep the pattern at the center of the strap by adjusting two strings to be equal in length.

Besides, this strap is suitable for both standard and big horse sizes as it can be adjusted from 20” to 27”. It also comes with several pre-punched holes for easy adjustment.

However, the most regrettable thing that does not satisfy me is the quality of the two snaps. The material is unable to withstand heavy strain so it might show signs of cracking and even break after long-time use.


  • Finesse craftsmanship and high durability
  • Floral tooled patterns
  • Two buckles to adjust the strap evenly


  • Snaps might be broken after long-time use

#2: Showman Adjustable Medium Leather Wither Strap – Best For Design

Showman Adjustable Medium Leather Wither Strap

A wither strap can be an amazing addition to your horse tack. And this Showman Feather Conchos wither strap, with a unique design, is a wise option for you.

In terms of material, this strap is constructed from high-quality leather that can be used for several years. Moreover, it is stitched carefully to prevent damage during usage.

This Showman strap is for medium and big horses with an adjustable length between 27” and 30”. With several holes and two buckles, you can fine-tune the length to fit your horse’s size in a matter of minutes.

The thing I love about this wither strap is its amazing design with a big and beautiful pattern. If you don’t want a plain and boring brown to-wither strap, this one can be an outstanding option for you.

With the hand-painted feather pattern, this strap offers you the artistic beauty of color combination and careful craftsmanship. The copper feather conchos at the center, combined with copper studs make this strap an attractive item.

Unfortunately, if you own a small-sized horse, this beautiful wither strap is not for you. It only comes with three holes on each side of the strap to adjust the length. Moreover, it leaves no room for extra holes to fasten the strap to fit with wither straps for horses.


  • Hand-painted feather design
  • Copper feather concho and studs
  • 2 buckles for an adjustment (30”-27”)


  • Not available for small horse size

#3: Horse Western Amish Wither Strap 975H5024 – Best For Durability

Horse Western Amish Wither Strap 975H5024

For those who are in English riding style, a quality withers strap is an essential item in their horse tack. And if you are an English-style rider and are searching for a durable strap, I strongly recommend this Horse Western Amish one for you.

Made from high-quality leather, this durable strap offers you several years of use under the beating of environmental factors. With careful craftsmanship and modern harness technology from the USA, this strap does not require any stitches for extra durability.

The next thing you will love in this simple strap is robust snaps made from nickel. With anti-corrosion and non-rustable properties, they possess a shiny look and amazing reliability for your horse tack even after a long time of use.

This Horse Western Amish strap is suitable for standard horse size as its length is in the range of 26” and 23”. Moreover, if you want to fasten the strap, you can poke more holes along the strap to make it fit your horse.

However, the only downside of this strap is the design. For those who follow the minimalism trend, this strap might be okay. But for someone who is looking for more aesthetics in a wither strap, this Horse Western Amish might be too simple.

Unlike other wither straps in this list, it does not have any pattern. It is just a plain strap with a light brown natural leather color. But, it can fit with any style of tack, so you don’t have to worry whether it goes well with your tack or not.


  • No stitches pattern
  • Made in the USA
  • Tan/Nickel hardware


  • Not attractive design

#4: Martin Saddlery Natural Wither Strap – The Most Comfort

Martin Saddlery Natural Wither Strap

If you are a horse lover who cares about the experience of your horse and you want a comfortable strap for your beloved horse, this Martin Saddlery option might be a great one of wither straps for horses

From the renowned manufacturer of horse equipment with top products in the market, this wither strap will never let you down. It is made from soft and supple natural leather that will not cause any scratch or hurt your horse.

Moreover, I really love that this strap can go with you for a long journey but still keeping the original color. It also shows no sign of tearing down even it does not have any stitches like other types of wither straps.

The maximum length of this strap is 28.5” that fits with standard horse size. But if you have a smaller horse, you can adjust the length with two buckles in a matter of minutes. Also, the strap has extra room for additional holes in case you are not satisfied with the three available holes.

Although the quality of this product can tick all your checkboxes of a good wither strap, the installation might be a little confusing. Unlike other products that have two snaps at both ends, this Martin Saddlery only has one.

Hence, you will need to untie one end of the strap to attach it to the D-ring of the breast collar. It might be inconvenient for you to take off the wither strap when not in use. But it will reduce the weight on your horse’s wither.


  • Soft and supple leather material
  • Durable hardware
  • Reasonable price


  • Only have one snap

#5: Tough-1 Eclipse Starlight Wither Strap – Best For Length

Tough-1 Eclipse Starlight Wither Strap

I know that it might be hard for big-size horse owners to find suitable wither straps for horses. Fortunately, this Tough-1 Eclipse withers strap might be what you are looking for.

So how long is this wither strap?

It comes with three adjustable holes for a maximum length of 32”. Moreover, you can poke more holes to make it fit your horse. But keep in mind that the strap is only available for one or two extra holes.

In terms of material, this wither strap is constructed from good quality leather with a black coat to prevent damage from weather. It also has hardened stitches along the side of the strap for bonus durability. Moreover, all snaps and buckles are made from robust and rust-resistant metal.

The design of this strap is also an art. It has a blinking center with clear round crystal and silver dot accents. Besides, it possesses an alligator overlay with a black background for a modern look.


  • Alligator overlay
  • Clear round crystal and silver dot accents
  • Good quality leather


  • Available for a few extra holes

How To Choose Wither Straps For Horses?

If you haven’t found what you are looking for in our recommendation list, it’s time you should make your own searching. But don’t worry, we will help you with some useful tips that you can apply to choose the best wither strap. Check it out now!

Step 1: Point out the purpose of using wither straps

The first thing you need to do is pointing out your riding styles. English and Western styles are the most common riding styles. And wither strap varies depending on your style.

As wither strap lies in front of the saddle to keep the breast collar in the right position, it is based on the position of a breast collar as well as saddle.

In English riding styles, people might use a smaller saddle and sit near the horse’s back. Thus, the breast collar might fall lower on your horse. And a wither strap can prevent the breast collar from hanging down and limit your horse’s extensions and reach when running.

Thus, if you are in English riding style, you should pay more attention to snaps, adjustable buckles, and other things to help you deal with the breast collar

Meanwhile, in Western riding style, wither straps might not be necessary equipment but can give a bold finish to your tack. Hence, it is better if you take more time considering the pattern and design of your wither strap.

Step 2: Pay attention to the material and craftsmanship

As you want to pay your money for a long-term wither strap but not something that only lasts for a few weeks, you should take the strap’s material into account.

Wither straps are commonly made from leather. However, there are significant differences between types of leather that make a wither strap worth your money or not.

Not only should you go for a strap made from durable leather, but the comfort of your horse should also be considered as well. Thus, a strap with fine craftsmanship and comfortable leather might be a wise choice for your horse.

FAQs to Wither Straps For Horses

1. What is the purpose of a wither strap?

A wither strap can keep your breast collar stay in the right position and prevent it to sag down or scratch your horse’s chest. Moreover, it can aid in running at high speeds with sharp turns.

2. Are wither straps bad for my horse?

Wither straps are a type of horse equipment, and of course, it won’t harm your horse. When choosing the right to wither strap, it won’t cause any discomfort to your horse.

3. How long are wither straps?

There are 4 types of wither straps that differ in length. With standard horse size, breast collar withers straps are between 21” to 24” long. Cob size withers strap is 18” to 21”. While pony size strap is 14”-18”, mini size wither strap length is in range of 10” and 14”.

However, as wither straps are not fixed, you can adjust the length of wither straps to fit your horse’s chest.

4. How to use a wither strap?

You can begin with one side by using a snap to attach the wither strap to the D-ring of a breast collar. When you finish on one side, you can put the strap over the horse’s wither and attach it to the other side of the breast collar.


Among 5 products on my list of the Wither Straps For Horses, the Shiloh Showman Wide Floral Tooled Wither Strap is the outstanding one with its elegant pattern and reasonable price.

Besides, it is made of durable and high-quality leather that can withstand extended use. Two snaps also make it easier for you to attach the snap to your horse stack.

So, if you are looking for a stylish and high-quality horse wither strap, this Shiloh Showman Wide Floral Tooled Wither Strap is the one that you should not miss.


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