What Is A Male Horse Called? Have you ever wondered this?

Have you ever been curious about what is a male horse called? There are obviously tons of terms used for a male horse, depending on its actual age. Commonly, two special terms namely ‘foal’ and ‘colt’ are utilized to refer to it.

what is male horse called

An adult female horse with her baby

But, what exactly do those words mean? How should they be used? We’ll certainly help you out. All you need is just follow our information right now. What we explored includes:

What are the main differences between a Colt and a Foal?

Baby horses are usually known as foals. Like any human child, a foal may be a boy or girl.  Whenever having a baby, a mare is known to have “foaled”. A horse foal is for horses under 1 year old. This definition also considers donkey, mule, or zebra.

Colt is a specific gender or foal for all-male foals. Sometimes, the word ‘colt’ refers to any baby horse in some regions. However, this is totally incorrect since only a male horse is a colt.

Colt: What’s more?

Not male horses of all ages are known as colts. This word is only suitable for a baby boy horse before the age of four. After that, they become a stallion instead. What we name the male horses depends on certain conditions.

beautiful colts

Beautiful colts running in the happy farm

The term ‘colt’ may be continuously made use of until the baby animal is approximately two up to three years old. When it comes to the racehorse world, they will be called ‘colts’ until they are in their fourth year.

Occasionally, an extremely young stallion can be considered a stud colt. Any gorgeous female horse is named as a colt until the 1st of January at the age of four.

Now, you surely know the term used for a young male horse. Sometimes, you might hear your friends tell about a colt or filly foal. On the other hand, they also use those terms in their own way.

After a colt’s one year old, it is constantly called “Yearlings”. Colt will definitely be what we should call them from their two years till they are mature enough to self-breed.

They continue remaining the colts since their perfect breeding age. After that, Stallions is their correct name.

Final Verdict

We clearly bear in our mind that not everyone understands all the ways to call a male horse throughout their different development age. That’s accurately the main reason why this information was collected.

We really expect that our understanding will help all the keen readers a lot. Explore different things between a foal and a colt. And, the difficult question ofWhat is a young male horse called? is also here.

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