What Is a Baucher Bit? What Does it Use for?

Baucher bit is a type of tool that mostly draws attention to plenty of discussions from horse riders at a gear check or on a forum. Is it a leverage bit to help the horse boost the speed in a competition?

What Baucher bit is?

A Baucher bit is a hanging cheek apparatus that is put upside down as a half spoon bit. This equipment is sometimes known as the hanging cheek snaffle. The small ring attaches to the bridle cheek of a horse and the bigger one is used for the reins.

The Baucher has many forms and the bit is the simplest structure with a solid cheek snaffle. In other words, the mouthpieces may not move and rotate around the rings. It looks like an egg butt in a basket.

How does a Baucher Snaffle work?

A Baucher Snaffle moves when you give friction in the big ring. The bit will move around when the reins are pulled and the small ring keeps their cheeks rotating to create a poll pressure.

Making pressure on the rein might invigorate the bit in the horse’s mouth area. With light pressure on the mouthpiece, they feel comfortable with the tongue pressure and understand your signals.

Baucher bit has similar features to any fixed cheek snaffle style, providing a steady mouthpiece. Some horses with sensitive mouths will feel confident in this ring. The bit also sits on the head at a wide angle to prevent accidents around the head and mouth area.

The Best Baucher Bit Suggestion in 2023

Several horses and ponies feel comfy with the Baucher bit if they have suitable ones. A rider also takes advantage of this tool to increase high speeds as well as leverage force in horse competition. Therefore, it is important to choose the right bit. There are two-bit suggestions that you should review.

1. Myler 02 Medium Baucher

Myler 02 Medium Baucher is created to control the rein speed and communicate with your horses while doing standard training sessions. Your friends will learn a lot of gaits and transitions. It is easy to train them with new skills or habits if they are obedient.

Main features

  • 2 curved mouthpieces for scattering
  • The Myler ring for releasing poll pressure
  • 5-inch main ring


  • Ease of using
  • Comfortable for horses
  • Firm mouthpieces


  • Not suitable for ponies

2. Shires Hanging Cheek Copper Longenge Bit

Shires Hanging Cheek is a versatile bit for training and competition. You should add this functional equipment in your tack room. With stable attachment in the hanging cheek piece, rings will provide light pressure and slight poll pressure. This also makes a great balance in rein pressure.

Main features

  • Three-piece copper link
  • Stainless steel body


  • Comfy bit for all horses
  • No hard pressure in the cheeks, mouth, and head
  • Good material
  • Budget-friendly


  • Quite big for small horses

Bottom line

Does a horse like wearing a Baucher bit? The answer is various because the bit should be suitable for them. They feel uncomfortable to put it on their heads and cheeks when poll pressure is extremely tight. This is the reason you should select a good bit for them in a training session or a competition.

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