9 Different Type of Horse Competitions You Should Know!

Horse competitions are a good way to discover the limited ability both of your horse and you. You may see a horse can jump over the wooden fence and think this is the only game platform.

Type of Horse Competitions

Think twice as a horse competition has a bunch of categories! I support you by listing out! Stay tuned!

An overview of the Horse Competitions

Horse competitions often are horse riding activities (mostly this is a great recreation for Europeans and Americans). These events are also called Equestrianism or Equestrian Sports.

Nowadays, people still love this mode of entertainment, and it also performs in the Olympic Games.

Of course, horses are educated and ridden for empirical purposes such as investigating activities (in police work), handling herd animals, and so on.

Horses are applied in competitive sports like dressage, endurance riding, show jumping, tent pegging, and other events.

You probably find out horses have appeared in harness racing, horse shows, and other special events like traditional ceremonies.

In some areas of the world, individuals are still used horses for special purposes like farming jobs.

Riding halls may allow the training of horses and riders in all climates and indoors.

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9 Different types of Horse Competitions

As equestrianism has different purposes, there are various types of horse competitions.

1. Racing

On the racing platform, we have plenty of events like barrel racing, chuck-wagon racing, harness racing, and saddle racing.

The main target in these activities is getting the horse to run more quicker than any horse in the competition.

Unlike other exhibitions, barrel racing requires the horses to run around 3 barrels in a triangle without touching any barrel.

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horse racing

2. Showjumping

In this equestrian contest, horses must jump over many obstacles of all heights and sizes in the road. Most of the time, they will jump the horizontal wooden beams which link to 2 wooden sides and cups.

Typically, the wooden beams could be adjusted to many different heights. Horses are supposed to avoid the wooden beams by jumping over or turning down these obstacles.


3. Trail riding

A huge group of riders come together and ride the horses outside via different terrains. Trail riding could be any length of distance and the time too! This is a flexible competition!

Generally speaking, it lasts more than a day. And then, both riders and horses will have the time to take a rest anywhere for camping.

Source: https://equitrekking.com

4. Polo

Polo is a human sport which is played on the horseback. Points are checked by driving a small ball to the goal of the other team. The goal is made by a long wooden mallet.


5. Rodeo events

In the Rodeo event, you probably see many horses. These could be roping, calf wrestling, bareback, cutting, and the saddled bronco riding.

Absolutely, these horses have to train to ride with a rider undertaking tricks on the horseback.

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rodeo horse

6. Endurance riding

This is a common sport in the US and Europe, and the Arabian horses are the best.

These days, the Federation Equestre International (FEI) manages the international races. Besides, the American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC) organizes this horse riding competition in North America.

The races are measured in a certain distance and horses must start from that point. Usually, the races are between 50 and 100 miles (approximately 80 to 161 km) in the natural terrains like mountains.

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endurance riding

Source: wikipedia.org

7. Dressage

Dressage is a competitive sport because horses and riders must perform in a solid series about the set movements of a marked area.

The kind of movement will rely on the level from the introductory to the Grand Prix.

These dressage performances are tested to check the technical skills between the horse and the rider.

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8. Team chasing

A team of 4 people will compete all together in the surrounding area across the country course. If the first of 3 riders complete, the team will win that course.

If the horse runs out, the score will be marked by another team. In case the horse is not willing to take part in during the game, the team will also lose the chance to keep up with another competition.

team chasing

9. Equestrian vaulting

Vaulting has been organized as an International sport since 1983. An individual or a part of a team will become the rider to participate in.

They will need to show gymnastic exercises on a lung horse. This is being handled by a lunger.

Both men and women can try and become part of a team. They will need to perform in classes ranging from the basic level to advanced ones to be an entire routine.

How to prepare your horse to join in a horse competition?

Choose a proper horse

If you have not already owned a horse, then you should find a horse. It is not essential to select a professional horse at all. It is practical to get connected between you and your new friend.

In other words, both of you can understand what you mean. He or she enables you to react to your question or your dictate, and you also have to posse training skills.

Please bear in mind that you should not settle the bundle of cash in your wallet when you are a new rider.

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Think of the discipline

Aside from the horse selection, take into account that the right discipline should not be missed out! Do more research about the available horse sports and pick the one that both of you feel relished thoroughly. Do not rush!

Look for an experienced trainer

You can buy a guide or a book to know how to ride a horse, but this is just the theory! You lack the practical task!

Thus, you should find a high-qualified trainer to support you with your riding skill and showing performance as well.

He or she may find the best way to connect you and your horse if you make them understand the discipline you have opted for.

Consider a local horse show

If this is the first time your riding performance, then you should sign up for a local competition only. You are not stressed, and so does your horse!

Surely, you need to contact the competition organizer and display that you have not competed before. You probably get more useful advice from them as they are glad to guide you via the process.

Besides that, you must have prepared a good starter kit such as a good horse riding helmet or grooming kit

The last words

How many horse competitions are in the world these days? You enable to ask this question to your family or your friends and see how they answer!

They probably indicate that the competitions are not many! And most of the competitions are similar too! Oh, do not be surprised about that!


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