Troxel Spirit Horseback Riding Helmet Review Of 2023

Troxel, for a long, has been a reliable brand in manufacturing and distributing high-quality equestrian helmets. With a wide range of products for different targeted customers, Troxel helmets are the ideal option for both amateur and professional riders.

The Troxel Spirit helmet is the best-selling product of this brand since the day it was introduced. But what are the advantages and weaknesses of this helmet? Scroll down for a comprehensive Troxel Spirit riding helmet review.


Highlights Of Troxel Spirit Horseback Riding Helmet

  • Made in the US and certified by ASTM/sei
  • New low profile, full-coverage design
  • Dial-fit system with 20% mesh
  • FlipFold removable and washable headliner
  • Air-Channel technology


  • A wide range of up to 17 different colors
  • Fit horse riders of all ages with sizes from XS to L
  • The adjustable chin strap and fold-over flaps inside for a snug fit
  • Full-coverage protection with durable and shock-absorbing cushion
  • A flexible part at the back of the helmet for ponytail girls


  • A little bit heavy for kids
  • Bulky shell at the front
  • Do not have the guide to translate into size

About The Troxel Brand

With a safety record second to none, Troxel is the most prominent brand of equestrian helmet that has been ASTM/SEI certified. Understandably, over 4 million professional and amateur riders have chosen Troxel helmets as their best protective gear.


In 1992, Troxel was the first manufacturer ever that introduce a lightweight and ASTM-approved equestrian helmet. Since then, the brand continues to carry the light in researching and manufacturing high-quality helmets for equestrians.

Founded by Dr. Richard Timms, a specialist in critical care, a research professor, and also a horse lover, Troxel is the one and only helmet manufacturer that conducts intense research about what equestrians need. Hence, they are the first to develop an exclusive line of helmets for Trail & Western horse riders.

Troxel is famous for comprehensive helmets and accessories for all riders from young novices to professional horse riders. It offers several options for both English and Western horse riders to promote the use of helmets in equestrian sports.

An In-depth Troxel Spirit Helmet Review

Among several lines of helmets from Troxel, why do experts recommend the Troxel Spirit helmet? What are the outstanding features of the Troxel Spirit helmet? You will find out in this section.


As you have seen so far, Troxel is the best helmet manufacturer when it comes to protection. Made from the exclusive material from Troxel, the helmet can withstand strong impacts. Also, the thick cushion and padding inside provide you with extra protection during work.

The Spirit helmet offers a reliable full-coverage fit for incredible security and comfort. It is the best choice for your girls and boys to pursue their hobbies of horse riding without the fear of injuries. You can choose the XS size for optimal fit with a drop-back design for exceptional stability and balance.

Moreover, it features the advanced flex tip visor technology from Troxel. Made from a flexible polymer, the visor will not break into sharp pieces, which will reduce the risk of cuts or scrapes in a fall. However, the larger visor might be a hassle for kids wearing this helmet, as it will limit their visibility.

The Spirit helmet is certified by the ASTM with the Safety Equipment Institute. This certificate guarantees that the Troxel products, including the Troxel Spirit helmet, are annually tested for certified safety and protection. Moreover, they will conduct annual quality assurance audits at the manufacturer’s facility to ensure that the products meet the current comprehensive standards.


If you are looking for a stylish and no-nonsense detail helmet, the Troxel Spirit is an ideal option. It has low-profile styling without unnecessary bulk that offers an elegant profile. Besides, it is available in up to 17 different attractive colors.

If you want to satisfy your kids with a colorful gift, the Troxel Spirit can live up to their expectations with both plain and patterned helmets. You can also choose a minimalized option for adults who will participate in professional competitions.

However, the experts recommend this helmet for kids above six years old as the considerable weight of this product might be unsuitable for younger riders. Moreover, since the sizing guide is quite vague, you should check out the size table and instructions on the homepage of the Troxel brand.

Ease of use

The Spirit helmet is not only suitable for all ages but also fits both English and Western since it does not have a brim like a cowboy hat. Also, the adjustable inner liner makes this helmet fit you perfectly regardless of your head shape and hairstyle.

As the Troxel Spirit helmet is made by the smartest horse lovers, it is designed for excellent ease of use. The DialFit system with a soft dial will allow you to adjust the strap quickly and precisely. You can make the helmet fit you snugly by folding over the built-in tabs at the side.

Not only does paying attention to your security, but Troxel also cares about your comfort while wearing a helmet. The Spirit item features maximum airflow replacement, with over 20% of mesh that offers you exceptional ventilation. Hence, you will find the helmet comfy and breathable even when wearing it for continuous hours.

If you might not know, Troxel is the first brand to develop washable and replaceable headliners in equestrian helmets. They continue to develop and integrate that beneficial feature in the Spirit helmet. The FlipFold headliner, which comes with Air-Channel technology, will make the helmet fresh and clean ride after ride.


The Troxel Spirit helmet is a flexible and high-compatibility helmet that will eliminate your nonsense concerns when purchasing a horse riding helmet. Although it possesses some weaknesses as you have seen in the above Troxel Spirit helmet review, it still offers you an ideal helmet with decent quality without style sacrificed.


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