Trailer King ST Radial Tires Review of 2023, Excellent Load Capacity

Those who own a trailer know they need a good set of trailer tires to endure the pressure put on the vehicle, especially on long trips. However, as the market is flooded with various options from different brands, it can be somewhat daunting to choose suitable tires for your needs.

Trailer King ST Radial tires are known among camping enthusiasts and family handymen for providing high-quality features in terms of durability, traction, and decent load rate at an intriguing price point. Without further ado, let’s take a look at our Trailer King ST Radial tires reviews.


Features of Trailer King ST Radial Tires

  • Center groove for consistent tracking & stability
  • 15-inch radial
  • Can hold up to 2,600 pounds
  • Enhanced shoulder design
  • Nylon overlay construction on all sizes

Pros and Cons


  • Long-lasting design
  • Improved stability and tracking thanks to the specially built center grooves
  • Improved tread life
  • Can handle different load ranges
  • Solid, five-year manufacturer limited warranty
  • Suitable for both long and short distance


  • Disintegrating after a short time of use
  • Low end carry weight
  • Can be hard to assemble

About Trailer King Tire Brand


Trailer King has served us with some best-of-the-line products since its establishment in 1980, meaning that they have been in the business for more than 40 years! Trailer King has got to be one of the first brands that come to mind to most people in the category of the best trailer tires.

And the reason for that? It’s simple. Trailer King guarantees to offer customers high-quality products without having them spend too much dough, thanks to their specially developed price program. Customer service is also one of the core values contributing to the success of Trailer King.

In-depth Trailer King ST Radial Tires Review



As you can tell from the name, Trailer King ST Radial Tires have the solution to your towing needs.

At first glance, you’ll see that the Trailer King ST Radial tires have a pretty slick-looking design featuring a nylon overlay construction. This helps them cope with extreme weather conditions and long-distance highway driving on different surfaces, even the most rugged terrain.

Compared to the former models, there have been some improvements to this product, one of them being the enhanced shoulder design. Those who frequently have to tow hefty loads will appreciate this feature of boosting tread life and even wear while distributing heat evenly and effectively.


They can be used for a good variety of towing purposes, such as boat trailers, fifth-wheel trailers, or utility trailers. They do an excellent job of handling the weight put on the vehicle while offering a smooth ride despite the long or short distance.


What’s special about these tires is the center grooves in their tread, promoting tracking and stability to a certain extent. The grooves are designed that way so they can help the tires to deal with all the wear and tear they experience on the road. The consistency it offers is incredible, and you’ll hardly find it in any other tires of the same price range.

There are different sizes available, and you can also choose a load range suitable for your needs, C, D, or E.

Customer Service & Warranty

Trailer King has an excellent customer care policy, covering a solid five-year, nationwide manufacturer’s limited warranty. While it may sound too good to be true, you can contact them whenever you encounter any problem with the tires, and they’ll be glad to help.

Tires from other brands are usually backed with a two or three-year warranty at the most. Since most trailer tires are decently made to endure the pressure put on them, they don’t show any significant problem until a while later, unless you purchase some sort of low-priced, mass-making products on the market that are likely to be ruined after just a few uses.

My point here is, a two or three year-warranty sometimes might not be enough, and Trailer King knows this. Their solid, nationwide warranty of five years is one reason why customers choose to go with Trailer King besides their quality and affordable price.

On the downside, some complaints have been made about failures within a short time of use. It is recommended that you take it easy on these tires as they carry weight for these tires tend to be on the lower end. Occasional heavy towing is okay, but you shouldn’t abuse that too much.

The reason for such a problem is said to be either from a bad batch on the manufacturer’s side or possibly old stock tires. What you can do is check the dates on the sidewall of the tires before putting them on your RV; if the dates are too old, contact Trailer King for a replacement or a refund.

Some customers struggled when mounting these tires to their trailers, and they couldn’t do it without the help of another person. The truth is, it is not that hard if you follow the instructions carefully, step-by-step.

Final Verdict

Trailer King ST Radial Tires has an above-average rating among the trailer tires on the market, and they are recommended by the customer who bought them.

These tires are not only affordable, but they also offer high-quality features; they can last for quite some time if you treat them with tenderness and care.

As mentioned above, they’re not quite suitable for too heavy hauling; if you intend to use your trailers frequently, Trailer King St Radial tires are not the best option, and they are for sure less than bias-ply trailer tires.

At the end of our Trailer King St Radial tires reviews, all I can say is these tires are a no-brainer considering the price and quality they offer.


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