Tipperary Sportage 8500 Riding Helmet In-Depth Review 2023

Choosing high-quality protective gear can help equestrians prevent injuries and pains during work. Knowing the importance of helmets in horse riding, Tipperary Equestrian has developed a wide range of premium riding helmets with exceptional quality.

Among their product, the Sportage 8500 helmet shines as the most reliable and lightweight option that can meet your demand for a high-quality helmet. Scroll down for an in-depth Tipperary Sportage 8500 Riding Helmet review.


Highlights Of Tipperary Sportage 8500 Riding Helmet

  • Lightweight
  • Comfort foam interior
  • Contoured drop-back shell
  • Flexible visor
  • Rear reflective strip

What We Like

  • Sun protective visor to protect your eyes
  • Extremely lightweight and breathable
  • Functional low profile and a drop-back shell for extra protection
  • Reflective band for riding in low-light conditions
  • SEI/ASTM certified for quality and protection
  • Affordable price

What We Don’t Like

  • Only available in the medium and large size
  • The sun visor might be bulky and inconvenient
  • No adjustable dial

About The Brand

If you are a professional horse rider, Tipperary Equestrian might not be a strange name to you. With over 30 years of experience, they rank among the leading manufacturers of equestrian protective gear. They offer equestrians of all levels safety, mobility, comfort, and fit in all disciplines.


As the first brand to produce a body protector, Tipperary Equestrian has developed and is recognized as the most reliable gear manufacturer. They design their equipment with flexibility, comfort, and functional fit to make rides and competitions safer.

Majoring investments and helmets for equestrians, Tipperary Equestrian offers a wide range of options for both children and adults in eventing, cross country, jumping, trail riding, and lessons. With different lines for each targeting customer range, Tipperary puts what you need first and focuses on your priority in riding gear.

Tipperary is committed to developing and upgrading its products based on research to meet all riders’ demands.

Comprehensive Tipperary Sportage 8500 Riding Helmet Reviews

Tipperary Equestrian is a reliable brand for horse riding helmets and protective gear. But how does the Tipperary Sportage 8500 riding helmet rank itself as the best-selling product of the brand? What are the benefits and downsides of this product? You will find out in this section.


As a protective gear brand, Tipperary Equestrian always pays attention to its customers’ safety. The Tipperary Sportage 8500 helmet has an ABS plastic shell that can protect your head in case you fall. Thanks to the sturdiness of ABS plastic, Tipperary 8500 helmet can withstand strong impacts without breaking into small pieces that might harm you.

Moreover, it is backed with an extra cushion for better shock absorption and comfort. With the innovative combination of lightweight material, the Tipperary 8500 helmet can provide you with enough protection without burdening your head.

Another factor that you will love in this 8500 helmet is that it comes down lower in the back compared to other models. Hence, it will protect the very base of the skull without making you feel uncomfortable. However, the downside of this design is the hassle when women and girls with ponytails wearing this helmet. Also, for people with short necks, the helmet’s back will hit your shoulder.

If you might wonder about the safety that the 8500 helmets can offer, you will be pleased when knowing that this lightweight helmet is ASTM/SEI certified to meet the American safety standards for sports.



Like other products from the Sportage line of Tipperary, the 8500 helmet has full coverage and a low-profile design that offers you excellent protection and look. The sleek and sporty look makes the 8500 helmet ideal for both children and adults.

With an extreme ventilation system, you will never feel like your head is in an oven with this 8500 helmet. Large holes and moisture control lining will help you avoid sweating during hot rides. According to our experts, the experience with Tipperary 8500 helmet for a long ride in summer is by far more comfortable than Troxel models.

As the hood of experienced equestrians, Tipperary knows that riding under low-light conditions is extremely uncomfortable. And they did their best to integrate a reflective rear band in the 8500 helmets for better low-light visibility.

Also, Tipperary Equestrian eliminates the fear of visors breaking apart and harming your face with their sharp edges. The durable and flexible contour front visor can also act as a sun blocker to prevent direct sunlight from your eyes.


The adjusting system of the Tipperary Sportage 8500 riding helmet is very simple. It comes with an easily-adjustable nylon harness system to keep the helmet stay on your head firmly. And if you might be concerned about the strap that will scratch your chin, this protective helmet is made from supple natural leather for ultimate comfort.

However, the Tipperary Sportage 8500 helmet does not include a dial for adjusting the length of the strap while wearing it. Thus, you need to take off the helmet to customize the length of the chin strap. Although adjusting the strap might cost you a little bit more time, you will never have to worry about the wrong size again.


The Tipperary Sportage 8500 riding helmet is available in two sizes only: medium and large. The medium size will fit those who have a head circumference from 21⅛ inches to 21½ inches. Meanwhile, the large size can accommodate the head from 21⅞ inches to 22¼ inches.

If you choose the right size, the Tipperary helmet can be the best-fit helmet ever. With a unique padding system, it will keep the helmet stay in place without the strap on even when you hang your head upside down and shake it.


Tipperary Sportage 8500 riding helmet is the ideal option to keep both adults and children safe during horse riding. It offers you exceptional reliability with high-quality materials and thoughtful construction. The only downside of this model is the limited color to choose from. However, you can repaint the helmet to bring it a new style.


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