Thoroughbred Horse Price, How Much Does It Cost?

To all thoroughbred horse lovers who always yearn for owning this marvelous animal, deep price research before an order is essential. More often than not, the question of “how much does a thoroughbred horse cost?” or the query of “Does a baby thoroughbred horse cost an arm and a leg?” pops up in their mind incessantly.

Thoroughbred Horse price

If that’s your case, you are in the right place! In this article, we will walk you through the details of thoroughbred horse prices. Let’s check it out!

What Makes Thoroughbred Horse Special?

By just simply googling the keyword “Thoroughbred Horse”, there are 19.300.000 results for you in just 0.52 seconds! So jaw-dropping, right?

Here are what makes this beautiful creature so sought-after:

It’s beautiful – the 1.6m tall horse is very attractive and eye-catching.

It is the real cash cow – A top-quality male thoroughbred horse can earn more than you can think. The range of the fortune is in the following part. Spoil alert: It’s insane!

Thoroughbred Horse Price For Different Categories

So, as the urge to have one is big enough, it is time to explore how much a Thoroughbred horse costs based on size, age, and gender.

Baby thoroughbred horse

  • Baby thoroughbred horses (foals) are under 2 years Here comes the classification:
  • Weanling (From 06 months to 1 year old): Sold for around $45,000
  • Yearling (From 1 year old and in the second year): A little bit higher than weanling, sold for $10,000 more.

Female horse (mare)

The maximum price tag is around $70000 per 1 stud mare.

Male horse (stallion)

This is the hardest genre to tell the exact price. One male horse can cost as low as $1000 but it can also be up to millions of dollars apiece.

The tremendous gap in price between male horses comes from:

Track record: A champion-level stallion is referred to as super fertile and he can earn a lot out of that talent. On average, stud thoroughbred horse fees come to an amount of $2,500 to $30,000 for each time that he breeds a chosen mare.

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What is the Most Expensive Thoroughbred Horse?

It’s a two-year-old male horse named Green Monkey that was sold at auction for a record price tag of $16,000,000! However, due to injuries, he never won a race and sadly ended up being euthanized at the age of 14 (May 2018).

Record prize thoroughbred horse - Green Monkey

Last Words About Thoroughbred Horse Price

Before making any purchase, don’t forget to consider it carefully. If you decide to buy a teeny-tiny baby foal just because it costs less, think twice about it! The yearly fee for proper training and raising it may cost a fortune and aggregate to a much larger sum compared with that of a full-grown stallion. Keep calm, and carefully check the thoroughbred horse price to have an optimal bargain!

Thanks kindly for reading.

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