5 Tennessee Walker Horse Facts You May Not Know

What did you know about the famous Tennessee Walker horse? In addition to their unique natural gaits and frequent appearances at horse shows, there are interesting trivia about this breed you may not know. Tennessee Walker horses are a specific breed of horse. Or that they’re known for their smooth gaits and unique “running walk”? Luckily, I’ve got your back!

tennessee walking horse facts

In this post, we’ll share some facts about Tennessee Walkers that you may not know. We’ll also discuss the history and characteristics of this popular horse breed. I would like to share 5 Tennessee Walker horse facts. Hope that you will love it.

5 Tennessee Walker Horse facts

#1. Tennessee Walker horse’s initial purpose was for plantations and farms

Nowadays, we often see Tennessee Walker Horses at shows, right? Well, actually, their first use was for farm work. Southern plant owners wanted a breed that is durable and resistant to extreme climates, hence the existence of the Tennessee Walker Horse.

During the Civil war, most generals loved riding Tennessee Walker Horse due to its stable gait. Likewise, it remains one of the most popular breeds of horses in the modern day. Seems like, the signature “running walk” captures the heart of many hippophiles.

#2. The Tennessee Walker horse bloodline includes six different horse breeds

Have you ever wondered which combinations make the unique Tennessee Walker horse? According to the TWHBEA, the Tennessee Walker horse breed is the descendant of Narragansett Pacer, Canadian Pacer, Standardbred, Thoroughbred, Morgan, and American Saddlebred.

As a mixture of several races, the Tennessee Walker Horses, therefore, hold many robust features. To name a few, they stand out for their endurance, variety in movement, and keen intelligence.

#3. Tennessee Walker horses’ average lifespan is 30 years

Despite owning many distinct characteristics, the average lifespan of this breed is not different from that of others.

Speaking of health issues, Tennessee Walker horses are more likely to suffer from hereditary disorders like moon blindness. Besides, other common health problems include foot problems, sore back, and navicular disease.

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#4. The Tennessee Walker horse is the official state horse of Tennessee state of the USA

In 2000, Tennessee state designated the Tennessee Walker Horse as its official state horse. State horses often hold a deep historical or cultural connection with the land they symbolize.

Indeed, Tennessee Walker horses are not only so familiar with but also carry many natures of the state’s residents. Embracing its origin in the breed name, Tennessee Walker Horse is rightful to represent Tennessee.

#5. There is an annual event called Tennessee Walker Horse National Celebration

TWHNC takes place annually in Shelbyville from late August to early September, lasting for 11 days and nights. Thus, this is the biggest show for Tennessee Walker horses.

For that reason, the Celebration draws up to 2,000 horses. And, each year, 250,000 people come to Shelbyville to watch the show. Notably, the Celebration’s highest honor is the World Grand Championship, where the winner receives $15,000.

Tennessee Walker Horse National Celebration

In conclusion,

Hopefully, I have given you a closer look at the Tennessee Walker horse breed. For sure, the more you know them, the more you will fall for this amazing breed.

If you find the Tennessee Walker horse facts above exciting and helpful, don’t hesitate to comment and share this article. In case you have any questions, feel free to leave the question below!

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