Soft Bit For Horse – Is It Better than Others?

The horse bit is an important part of the horse tack which is used to control the horse’s mouth. Soft bits for a horse is a kind of bit bringing more comfortable for the horse’s mouth.

So what does the soft bit stand for? How does it work? How many types of soft bit for equine? Is the soft bit better for the horses than the other?

If you’re interested in the soft bit for your horses, don’t skip this article since it can bring some references to you.

Horse Soft Bit

What does the Horse soft bit stand for?

The construction and type of horse bit will determine whether it is soft or hard. The horse bit can be made from different materials such as metal, plastic, or rubber.

However, the horse soft bit generally stands for the snaffle bit using the rubber as the main material.

Besides, the metal or plastic bit covered by the synthetic material is considered as a horse soft bit.

How do Soft Bits for Horse work?

The snaffle bit has a rein attached directly on the mouthpiece and works on the bar, the tongue and the roof of the horse’s mouth.

It is considered as the mildest or the softest one since it has a solid bar shape without pork, so it creates no pinching at the corner of the mouth.

This type of bit is mostly used for training the young horse.

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How many types of Horse Soft Bit?

There are many different kinds of soft horse bit such as D- ring, Egg butt, Loose ring, Full cheek, or Half cheek bit. Each different one will create different effects on the horse mouth.

For example, the D-ring and the Egg Butt type are designed to help to avoid pinching the cheek. Among these types, the Egg Butt is considered as the gentlest one because it creates no pinching to the corner of the mouth.

leather egg butt bit

Leather egg butt bit

Is the soft bit better for the horses than the other?

There many controversies around this topic. There are some people think that the soft bit is better since it’s not pinched to the horse’s cheek, but some people are not. To be honest, not all soft bit type is mild at all.

For example, the snaffle bit with more twisted won’t be soft or a rubber bit is sometimes too large with a small mouth horse. It means that no matter what type it is, it should be fit with the horse.

In fact, there is no soft bit for horse at all, and there is no clear definition for a soft bit for the horse as well. There just only has the bit which fits the most with the horse’s mouth and brings most comfortable to the horses.

No matter what types the bit is, when choosing a bit for a horse, we should consider its decision. If your horse feels good, let choose it, if not, change to another one.

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