Premier 1 ElectroNet Fencing Reviews Of 2023

It is high time to install a fence around your garden or farm to secure your property and improve privacy. But not all fences are built in the same way. For your sake, invest in branded products like Premier 1.

Scroll down with the Premier 1 Fencing review to get more useful information.

premier 1 electronet fencing reviews

An Overview of Premier 1 ElectroNet Fencing

All in all, Premier 1 ElectroNet is among the best-seller electronic fence recommended for securing flocks or herds of sheep, goats, and cattle thanks to its impenetrable mesh. Sometimes, you can also use this Premier ElectroNet to protect your beehives from hungry bears or livestock.

Especially, the fence is effortless to install and take down within less than 10 minutes. Even no worries if you have never dealt with a net before since the package comes almost ready to use and the manual guide is also helpful.

Moreover, when installed and energized properly, the fence is supposed to work well under both dry and wet conditions.


Dimensions 164 feet long and 35 inches high
Weight 13 lbs
Horizontal strands 9 strands, 8 of which are conducive
Vertical strands Plastic vertical struts separated each every 12 inches
Material White/Black PVC
Electrical resistance As low as 38 Ω/per 1000 feet
Line Post Options Both single spike (SS) and double spike (DS)


  • Enhanced extra line and fiber tuff supportive posts
  • Vertical structs, making it easy to unroll and roll the net
  • Effective under a proper energizer
  • Installable in both wet and dry conditions


  • ​​Not for chicken
  • Not very sturdy
  • Low conductivity on low soil moisture

About The Manufacturer: Premier 1

premier 1 brand logo

Premier 1 has had a long history of providing fences for U.S users since the 1970s. Now its products are also popular worldwide to protect poultry, goats, and sheep as well as stray deer, coyotes, and wildlife out. Interestingly enough, Premier 1 always keeps in well touch with its customers – not only to offer support but also to collect feedback about their netting.

Premier 1 Fencing Review – Thumbs up

The large size and plus line posts

The very first thing to praise about this Premier 1 Fencing is its dimension. Overall, the fence can cover a range of 164 feet long and 35 inches high – enough for small to medium gardens or farms.

Also, we like conductive construction, which means the fence features 9 horizontal twines and a vertical strut each every 12 inches. That way, the distance between posts is cut down and the netting will be less likely to sag.

Easy to transport, unroll, and install

Despite its large size, the Premier 1 ElectroNet turns out to be not very bulky. In fact, the netting is only 13 lbs in a full package.

premier 1 electronet fencing roll

Moreover, it is pre-built with light posts so that you can roll and unroll it for easy transport. Just remember to roll the fence like a carpet rather than folding it along the posts.

Once you install the netting, it is not required to add extra gates. Simply put, switch off the energizer and pull out the first post of the fence to create an entrance.

Reliable PVC plastic struts

As we mentioned earlier, the structs of the Premier 1 ElectroNet are vertical. Thus, they are helpful to hold stands firmly above the land, grass, or any terrains.

Such PVC plastic struts also enable the fence to maintain its height horizontally to fasten the installation and removal.

Effective under a proper energizer

Please takes note that the manufacturer recommends using 0.25 joule of energizer out of a roll. Only low or wide-impedance pulse energizers are allowed to ensure the functionality of this electric netting and your animal’s sake.

The net supports a low electrical resistance – only 38 Ω/per 1000 feet. It means being 10 times more conductive compared to basic fences. For that reason, the pulse can travel much farther and be less affected by contacting weeds.

Installable in both dry and wet soils

More importantly, you should know that Premier ElectroNet Fencing can work well both on wetlands and drylands.

Accordingly, you can use single spikes (SS) if the soil is soft and a bit wet. These spikes are easier to insert and remove later. Meanwhile, if the soils are dry and even rocky, then the double spikes (DS) are supposed to get into the soil much harder.

Premier 1 Fencing Review – Thumbs down

Besides the advantages, we have some small complaints about the Premier ElectroNet Fencing as well.

Not for chicken

We know many consumers who are looking for a fence for their chicken. Unfortunately, this Premier 1 netting is not a good choice since the large openings at the bottom allow chickens or ducks to get through at ease.

If you still want to buy Premier 1 fences, you can go for smaller models.

Not that sturdy

To some extent, we expect the horizontal stands to be much sturdier. However, the poles are a little flimsy if the ground is very hard. At that time, you had better have a longer cable to tie the poles into an existing hotwire.

Low conductivity on low soil moisture

It is confirmed by the manufacturer that the electric conductivity is somewhat less acceptable under low soil moisture conditions. Also, if dry soil conditions frequently happen, you had better invest in a Pos/Neg fence.

Sum It Up

All in all, the Premier 1 Fencing reviews on both advantages and disadvantages we show you above come to the conclusion that this netting is worth buying – as long as you do not tend to use it for chicken or under very low soil moisture conditions.

We hope you find this post helpful and share it with others.

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