A “Pony Vs. Horse” Story – Discover The Myth: Is A Pony A Baby Horse?

There is a mixed-up of Pony vs. Horse. Some people call a pony a baby horse. Is it right?

The truth is…NO. Ponies are not babies of horses.

A pony looks like a tiny horse, but it’ll never grow up to the full size of a mature horse. The pony tells apart from the horse in areas like size, characteristics, lifespan, and digestion.

Is A Pony A Baby Horse

Pony vs Horse

What is a pony?

A pony is a small horse or a tiny member of the horse family. People may confuse an adult pony with a foal, a baby horse. Unlike a horse foal, a pony stays small when it grows up.

When in the wild, ponies occasionally live in flat areas (moors, fields) where they can survive with little food. They are famous for their powerful legs which help them travel across uneven ground.

In comparison with horses, ponies are more intelligent and friendly. People can train ponies properly so that children can ride them safely. Larger ponies can also carry adults because they are usually strong for their size.

Shetland Pony

Small Horse Pony

In the myth: Is a pony a baby horse?

Ponies are NOT horses. They look alike but tell apart in many points.

Both horses and ponies are of the same species (Equus caballus) and come from the same family tree. However, ponies stay small their whole life, maturing more quickly than horses.

Pony foals are tiny and will grow up to the approximate size of their parents. Horses are slowlier mature, some not attaining full mature size until they are six or seven years of age.

The difference between a horse and a pony can be based on four main aspects: size, characteristics, digestion, and lifespan.


Ponies are always smaller than horses. Size is the most obvious difference between a horse and a pony.  A pony is often under 14.2 hands while a horse is 15.2 hands. Despite the smaller size, a pony is a winner over a horse in terms of hard carrying.


Horses and ponies often have very different temperaments. Ponies tend to be more stoic and intelligent than larger horses. Also, they are hardier than horses and can withstand greater ranges in temperature.

Their coats tend to grow thicker in the winter, which often doesn’t shed out until the hottest days of summer. Ponies have thicker manes, and also harder hooves than horses.


The truth is that almost no ponies live beyond the age of 30. However, ponies are still longer-lived creatures than horses. An equine’s family, ponies hold many records for the oldest equines. Moreover, many ponies can stay helpful for riding and driving into their late 20s.


While some horses can be ‘hard keepers’ most ponies are the extreme opposite.

Ponies need only the fraction of the feed that horses do. Ponies’ owners should choose good quality grass hay for them. Your pony probably won’t need the nutrition provided by alfalfa and clovers.

In conclusion

It’s quite hard for people to tell apart pony vs. horse. So that there comes a myth of a pony is a baby horse. They are different creatures.

Basing on four elements (size, characteristics, lifespan, and digestion), you can make the difference between a horse and a pony.

Now it’s your turn to tell us more about your methods to distinguish a horse and a pony!

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