How to recognize the parts of a Horse Hoof

Have you ever wondered “What is the inside of a horse’s hoof called?” and what is part of a horse hoof?

To help you better understand the horse hoof, we will detail its parts and functions in the following article.

So let’s take a closer look.

Parts of a Horse Hoof

You need to know a horse hoof consists of five main areas: the wall, the sole, the frog, the periople, and the white line.

Is it great if you can answer this question when someone asks you “Can a horse regrow a hoof?”?

In fact, the hoof can develop due to the cell division of the stratum germinativum (horn-producing cell layer, also called stratum basale) of the sensitive structures.

First of all, what is the hoof wall?

The wall is related to the papillae of the coronary band and the laminae of the sensitive laminae.

The function of the horn tubules concerns strength, elasticity, and abrasion resistance. Inside the wall, there are horn laminae leaves, which can interdigitate with the leaves of the sensitive laminae.

This relationship allows the horse hoof to grow down and is capable of absorbing shock.

Besides, the toe is at the front of the hoof and hoof wall. The hoof wall and hoof horn meet the sole at the hoof bottom.

parts of horse hoof


The second main hoof part of the hoof

It is the sole which protects the coffin bone from injury and breaks caused by hard objects encountered when traveling on uneven surfaces.

Next, what is the frog on a horse?

The frog helps horses resist shocks and traction. It will shed twice a year, making the horse’s legs tender for a short time.

How about the periople?

This outer layer of the upper hoof wall protects the sensitive coronet band and prevents losing moisture.

What’s more with the white line?

This part which is actually yellow and about 1/8 inch wide arises from the sensitive laminae. It separates the wall from the sole, and you can see it when looking at the hoof bottom.

Other essential parts of the hoof

The quarters are located on the sides of the wall. The hoof wall is the widest in the toe and tapers down as it comes to the quarters.

The bars stretch from the heel and prevent the heels from contracting which occurs when the heels are closer together.

The heels are at the bottom of the hoof wall and under the hoof bulbs.

The bulbs are positioned at the hoof back where the walls, heels, and coronary band are joined together.

The cleft on the frog is the triangle area in the horse frog center.

The commissure of the frog, between the frogs and the hoof bars, needs to be cleaned regularly to prevent thrush growth.

How to take care of your horse hoof?

In short, you need to take care of your horse’s hoof every day by cleaning the dirt and manure from the undersides of the hoof as well as removing any stones, sticks, and hard objects that can cause discomfort and bruise.

What’s more?

You can consider using horse joint supplements to help your horse stay healthy, and add horseshoes to the hooves to protect them because horseshoes don’t hurt the horse.

You can also ask a farrier to trim down the growth of the hoof, repair any hoof problems, and advice you on the appropriate care depending on the use and environment of your beloved horse.

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