Paint Horse Lifespan: How Long Does This Horse Breed Live?

A Paint horse averagely has a lifespan of  30 – 31 years, much longer than other types of horses. However, when given proper care, their life expectancy is proven to be longer.

In this article, I have collected many amazing Paint horse lifespan facts that you might not know. Scroll down to find out!


The Oldest Living Paint Horse

Kurrabi Karma is known to be the oldest living Paint Horse with the registry code of 3050. She was born in September 1981 and is a Tobiano Chestnut Paint horse.

Kurrabi-Karma - oldest-living-paint-horse

Her owner is M S Tipping

Facts about Paint Horse Lifespan

1. Paint horse’s years compared to Human years

By the time Paint horses actually, reach 1 year old, they are known as foals or weanlings. It is considered to be equal to infancy in human beings. However, there are still a few differences. Horses usually learn to live independently as soon as they are weaned off their mothers.

In the next two years, at the age of 2 and 3, horses approach puberty and are considered teenagers.

At the time they reach 4 years old, they are almost comparatively mature. The adulthood continues until they are middle-aged at 13 years old.

Finally, at the age of 30, they are now extremely old, which is equivalent to around 86 years old in human beings.

In short, Paint horses year is equal to 6.5 human years in the first 3 years and 4.5 for the rest of their life. You can look at this picture to understand more.


2. Paint horses life stages

As analyzed above, Paint horses are not considered adults until they reach 4. By then, female and male foals are called fillies and colts, respectively.

However, when they reach adolescence, they are known as mares and either stallions or geldings depending on whether colts have been gelded or not.

At around 15 – 18 years old, Paint horses are believed to enter the senior stage, at which they meet difficulties in performing efficiently.

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3. The teeth can tell Paint horses’ age

Although estimating the Paint horse’s age is comparatively difficult, it can be told through their teeth.

To determine the age, owners should identify the shape, color, and surface of the teeth.

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4. Best age for a beginner’s Paint horses

There is a rumor that new riders or owners should choose young horses as you can grow with them.

This is definitely WRONG!!

Unless you are an experienced rider, young horses will be unpredictable and not easy to handle.

For a beginner, although Paint horses are calm, it is highly recommended that you choose older ones. “Older” here means those from 10 to 15, but 20 can still do well.

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Paint Horses are calm and beautiful breeds. Along with that, the Paint horse lifespan is can be over 30 if owners give better care.

If you have any questions or comments on this post, let me know. Thanks for reading!

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