5 Interesting Paint Horse Facts You Should Know

Paint horses are one of the most valued breeds in the horse community. They are famous for their distinctive patterns and markings. It’s not just the colors that make this breed special. There are many surprising paint horse facts you should know.

In this article, I have collected 5 awesome facts about American paint horses. Let’s scroll down to find out!


5 Surprising Paint Horse Facts For Horse Lovers

1. Paint horses are exceptionally intelligent and calm

Paint horses are famous throughout the world for their outstanding intelligence. They are fast learners and friendly companions.

For novice riders, choosing paint horses is a great idea. They have an eye-catching appearance, a muscular form, and a calm attitude. I may use them for various purposes, like transportation, farm working, riding, or competitions. They are well-known to be a strong rival in several equine sports.

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2. They were the “outcasts” from the world of registered horses before

At first, AQHA – the American Quarter Horse Association – did not allow paint horses to be registered. This breed was thought to have “excessive” white coloring, making them “cropout” horses.

Even so, this unique kind of horse was still popular with a large number of followers. In 1965, APHA – the American Paint Horse Association – was founded. Today, there are more than 1 million registered paint horses worldwide.

3. No paint horses are identical to each other

In fact, no paint horses have the exact same color patterns as each other. Though looking similar, their colors and shapes are slightly different.

3 main types of paint horses’ patterns include tovero, overo, and tobiano. Each of them differs depending on the head markings, tails colors, the amount of white, and the shape of the darker colors.

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4. They have different eye colors

Paint horses tend to have blue eyes. But, it’s not precisely the “blue” color that I see. Paint horses’ eyes lack melanin, as a result of their genetic predisposition.

Such “blue” eyes make this breed stand out from the others. Most horses only have brown eyes. Paint horses can have 1 brown eye and 1 blue eye, or 2 blue eyes. Some eyes are even more special with both brown and blue colors.

5. Paint horse breed receives a variety of awards

In 1986, the first registered paint horse won the 1st prize of the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) Open Super Stakes.

Later in 2001, RR Stars won the NRHA Open Futurity, becoming the first paint horse to achieve that. Many paint sires have also earned millions of dollars in various horse competitions.

Texas Hero, an award-winning paint sire, earned a value of $3 million in 2007. Another outstanding sire is Fleetstreet Max, holding over 31 world championships.

Last Thought

Paint horses are a captivating breed. Surely you will love how versatile and unique they are. I hope that through this article on paint horse facts, you can understand this kind of horse better. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with me!

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