What is a Proud Cut Horse?

proud cut horse

One day, you find that your horse who has been castrated is now mounting a mare. You quickly blame the vet for the incomplete castration that he has done before. Well, there may be another reason for the stallion-like behavior in your gelding. This article will indicate the reasons for odd behavior in castrated horses, … Read more

What is Gymkhana Horse Events? History & Different Types

Gymkhana horse events

Gymkhana horse competition consists of games for those who love speed racing and horse riding. Although it is usually for children’s participation, there are still skill-based games for all ages. In some parts of the western United States, it is often called an “O-mok-see” (also known as “omoksee” or “o mok see”) competition. Sometimes, it … Read more

How Much Land Does A Horse Need?

How Much Land Does A Horse Need

Horses are quite close to humans. They are present in almost every country in the world. The best space for them to grow comprehensively is the grasslands. Thus, how much land does a horse need? There is a straightforward recipe that can help you answer this question, which is the rule 1/2. It means that … Read more

How Much Does A Horse Weigh?

How Much Do Horses Weigh?

One of the most important factors that help you to acknowledge whether a horse is healthy or not is its weight. While there are many types of breeds, the weight standard is the same for all. The average weight of a horse ranges from 380-1000 kg. The variations depend on its breed, height and age. … Read more

Zebras vs Horses: Similarities & Difference

Zebra vs Horse

Well, both zebras and horses are in the Equine Family. While a majority of horses are domesticated, the zebras have still remained wild. Although they are cousins and share many features in common, they can easily be differentiated by the color, body, size, sound, speed, diet, and domestication. This in-deep article will help you know … Read more