Mustang Soft Ride Saddle Reviews In 2023: Is Its Quality Worth Praising?

If you are looking for a high-quality saddle, then take a look at the Mustang soft saddle. It is a hidden gem that is totally worth a try for equine enthusiasts. To find out more, let’s read our Mustang Soft Ride Saddle reviews now!

Mustang Soft Ride Saddle reviews

The Highlights of Mustang Soft Ride Saddle.

  • High rise cantle for a more secure feel
  • Flexible grab handle
  • Replaceable stirrups
  • Hardware made of stainless steel
  • Easy cleaning just by hosing off and air-drying
  • Ideal for barrel racing, trail riding, quick riding around the pasture

Pros and cons

Pros Cons
● Facilitate close contact ride
● Extremely comfy for riders and horses
● Ultra-lightweight
● Shock-absorption, pressure distribution
● Can stay put
● Flexible gullets
● Easy cleaning
● Affordable price
● Removable stirrups for improved balance
● Don’t come with the girth
● The stirrups may not give good feet position for all riders

About Mustang Brand

Mustang Manufacturing went into operation 25 years ago, yet it has already been in the equine gear industry for more than 35 years. Although its age is fairly shorter than the average, the brand successfully earns its reputation as a reliable horse equipment manufacturer.

The company’s distinct products are handcrafted saddles and horse cinches. Aside from that, the brand also extends its product line to meet the demand for several horse tacks. Each Mustang product is made out of exquisite craftsmanship and an emphasis on values.

In-depth Mustang Soft Ride Saddle Reviews

Treeless saddle

This soft equine saddle is categorized as a treeless saddle. Compared to the traditional treed saddle, it has the edge over versatility and pressure minimization.

A treeless saddle can fit a handful of different horse’s backs because it can be automatically adjusted for every horse. Especially, if you have difficulty finding a suitable tack for your horse’s wider-than-normal shoulders, then treeless saddles are what you need.

Since this Mustang saddle does not have any trees, it can provide better comfort for your horse. Plus, the design helps to steer clear of the normal pressure caused by tree points. For this reason, horses can stride longer without any restriction, giving a much better performance.

Riders also benefit much from this type of saddle. When sitting in, you can feel it even more secure and comfy than you may think. Besides, the lightweight construction allows riders to sit closer to the horse’s back, making it easier to “feel” the horse’s movements on the run.

Synthetic material

The material used in the Mustang treeless saddle is synthetic, which has a variety of excellent features. First, synthetic is much lighter than leather, making the saddle easy to lift. Besides, the lightweight structure reduces the weight and pressure that your horse has to carry. This Mustang model weighs approximately 6 pounds, which is an ultra-lightweight number as the average weight of saddles ranges from 10 to 60 pounds.

Second, synthetic material facilitates easy cleaning. It does not require much effort to keep this Mustang saddle clean. All you need to do is just spray water on it with a hose, and then let it air-dried.

Last but not least, synthetic tack gains an advantage over flexibility. Like most synthetic saddles, the Mustang product comes with an adjustable gullet. You can stretch the 6-inch gullet to an 8-inch one to customize the fit. This feature is especially helpful if you use the same saddle for different horses. Moreover, synthetic saddles take less time to break in than their leather counterparts, which is a significant benefit.


The Mustang saddle is a combination of the advantages of a bareback pad and a custom-fit seat. It is designed to give riders a more secure feel and comfort while helping them to find balance. If you want to get used to bareback riding, this saddle is what you need. It helps enhance the natural and basic position of bareback riding. Yet, it provides an excellent fit that gives more confidence for newbie riders to try.

Another advantage that many riders will love is that the saddle facilitates ground-mounting using stirrups. However, it is still recommended for newbies to get used to the mounting block first. Besides, the product is highly recommended for its stability. When getting on the seat, you will find that the saddle almost stays in place without any signs of sliding.

Closed-cell foam technology

The Mustang saddle features high-tech closed-cell foam, which is helpful for a comfortable close-contact ride. It effectively distributes weight and resists pressure. Besides, the technology does wonder for diverting the shock when roping.

Closed-cell foam is also well-known for its impermeability. It not only acts as an effective air barrier that blocks hot air from entering the saddle structure, but it is also waterproof and vapor-resistant. Therefore, it helps to prolong the saddle’s lifespan.

closed-cell foam


The Mustang saddle features removable stirrups. They are mounted precisely to give riders the right position with optimal balance. While using them for long trail rides, you will feel less tired and more comfortable. Even if you remove them, the saddle still stays put without any signs of slip or roll.

To adjust the stirrups, you need to slide the buckles along the strap. While this design is somewhat odd compared to the usual stirrups having punched holes, you can still find the perfect balance. However, if you are not satisfied with these stirrups, you can replace them with your favorable option.

Bottom Line

Mustang is a reliable manufacturer that stands out in the industry with high-quality saddles. Through our Mustang Soft Ride Saddle reviews, we hope that you can thoroughly grasp the product’s best features. With a variety of useful and outstanding selling points, this treeless saddle is undoubtedly a quality tack that riders will want to try.

The saddle sets it apart from other products speaking of the extreme comfort and perfect balance enhancement. It is also a nice start for any equine riders who want to practice bareback riding.

If you have used the Mustang saddle before, feel free to tell us your experience! Your opinion means a lot to make our article useful for readers.

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