Morgan Horse Lifespan & Aging Symptoms You Need To Know

Morgan horses are one of the most popular horses due to their versatility. While some individuals are registered, others don’t; thus, owners sometimes can’t measure the exact age of their horses. Here are some tips about Morgan horse lifespan that can help you.

Morgan horse lifespan: How long does it live?

Morgan horse lifespan is averagely 20 – 30 years. Meanwhile, there are some individuals known to live over 30 when they are well taken care of.

Karenza Alice oldest morgan horse

Karenza Alice and her team won 3 events at a Ranch Rodeo

The Oldest Living Morgan Horse

Karenza Alice is believed to be the oldest living Morgan Horse. She was born in June 1990. Her owner said that she was a great and healthy horse and that she could still do the cow work then.

I have collected many useful tips to predict the stages of the aging process of Morgan horses in the article. Scroll down to know!

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Symptoms Of Aging Process In Morgan Horses

1. Physical symptoms


The older a Morgan horse is, the denser and thicker its coat is. Especially, for some individuals, the hair around their face may become grey with age.


Before the time Morgan horses reach 5 years old, they develop permanent teeth. During that time, the six front teeth, known as incisors, have a hole in them which is called “cups black holes” or “cup” in short.

From 6 to approximately 10 years old, the cup will disappear in pairs, beginning from the front center.

Each year, gradually, Morgan horses’ teeth begin to move out forth. At around 11 – 12, the bottom teeth move faster than the top one, so there will be a hook on the bottom of the upper incisors.

At around 15, there will be the appearance of a groove. The older the Morgan horse gets, the longer the groove is.

In short, by 11, the teeth have an oval shape and become triangle-shaped and then wear away when they get older.


Like other types of horses, the back of Morgan horses lowers and the withers becomes easier to see when they age.

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2. Inner symptoms

Digestive system

As analyzed above, Morgan horse’s teeth get worn away with age. This is accompanied by thinner walls of the intestine, making the breakdown of food inefficient. Eventually, the horse can get the risk of intestinal perforation and usually turns to skip meals.


Due to weaker immune systems when Morgan horses age, they are more likely to catch the inherited disease called CSNB (Congenital Stationary Night Blindness). The CSNB makes them unable to see in the dark, and even in low light.


Morgan Horse Lifespan

Morgan horses are usually used in many kinds of work due to their own strict discipline. I hope that through this article, you can find many different ways to measure the age of your Morgan horses so that they can receive the right treatment.

If you have any questions or comments about Morgan horse lifespan, please let me know. Thanks for reading.

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