Morgan Horse Height – How Tall Are They?

Morgan horses are one of the first breeds developed in America. In the American Civil War, they were even used as fighting horses. Throughout history, their versatility has been developed. Now, we can see many Morgan horses not only in America but also across Europe.


If you are a horse enthusiast, the horse’s physique is probably one of your concerns. So, what is the average Morgan horse height now? And are they considered tall in comparison to the overall horse community? Let’s find out in the article below!

Morgan Horse Height: What Are Their Average Sizes?

The founding sire of Morgan horse breed was Figure, once a legendary horse with noteworthy strength and speed. He was thought to be approximately 14 hands (56 inches).

In 1791, Justin Morgan, a horse breeder, purchased Figure and used him to develop a new breed. This breed’s name changed from Figure to Morgan, in honor of the man who developed this breed.

Morgan Horse used in Civil War

Modern Morgan horses’ height varies between around 14 hands (56 inches) and 15 hands (60 inches). Some even reach 16 hands (64 inches). In comparison to other full-size horse breeds, Morgan horses are considered shorter and lighter. But the small stature is one of their distinctive features.

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Why Should You Choose Morgan Horses for Racing?

Despite their stature, Morgan horses have powerful bodies and athletic prowess. This equine breed is well-known as incredibly versatile. In the 1800s, Morgan horses held the title of the fastest horse for harness racing. They also set the world record for their trotting ability. During the Civil War, Morgan horses earned a significant reputation as cavalry mounts.

Morgan horses are suitable for a variety of owner types, from beginners to experts. Whether you are a horse trainer or a rider, Morgan horses are surely a friendly companion. They are easy to manage and can perform in many roles.

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Nowadays, almost every Morgan horse owner uses their horses for recreational purposes. The horses also take part in sporting events, especially driving competitions. Morgan’s nature is highly competitive and brave. No doubt that they are heavy rivals in trail riding, cutting, reining, and dressage.

So Did You Know How Tall Morgan Horses Are?

Morgan horse height is around 14 hands to 15 hands, on average. Though this is considered a small number, it does not affect the horse’s strength. Morgan horses’ small yet compact body greatly contributes to their versatility. They are now one of the most loved breeds in the horse community due to their temperament. If you want to raise a Morgan horse, surely you will be amazed at its loyalty, diligence, and affection.

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