Discover The Fact: Is Horse Riding A Sport?

Lately, as the popularity of horse riding increases from its regular appearances in many events, the question “is horse riding a sport or hobby?” has also made quite a lot of regular appearances during horse riding fan’s gossip section too.

So what is it?

Well. It is not a sport. In another word, horse riding is simply an activity or maybe a hobby, but many sports that you must ride a horse which is precisely the reason why people always debate about it.

Is Horse Riding A Sport

The reason why horse riding isn’t a sport

Sport is for human beings, and it becomes less so when another thing (dead or living) is involved and do most of the works.

Simple as that. Now you might argue if that was the case then car racing would not be considered as a sport either.

Well, please note that one would stop dead in its track if the human stands up and leaves. Of course, the other one would keep on going on with its lives, and then they would probably stand up to appreciate and say thanks for your decision.

Why? Because now it doesn’t have to carry 176 pounds on its back from morning till night.

Horse can carry 176 pounds on its back


Horse riding competition events – Yes or No?

Precisely, and that’s exactly why people get confused.

However, since this is quite a controversial topic so I would try to refrain myself from inflicting my opinion on everyone and give out death sentences to people who disagree.

So just to be clear, I personally do not think horse riding can even be remotely considered as a sport unless the following activities are involved:

  • Dressage
  • Team chasing
  • Equestrian vaulting

Which if you are interested, please learn more information about horse riding competitions in our prior article!

How is that any different to car racing?

Well, the difference is that you don’t consider a person who drives a car to work playing sports right? That is the reason if horse riding is done leisurely, it is quite a hard press to consider it a sport isn’t it?

Similarly, both activities would only be debatably considered a sport, when some skills are shown.

For car racing, it would be drifting, and whatever cool looking thing it is that they do (beyond the scope of this article), for horse riding it would be dressage, team chasing, vaulting and so on which I have already mentioned above (which is also cool!)

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Final result

A solid no, but it is quite understandable why people always get confused though. Hopefully, I have been able to express my reasoning as to why horse riding isn’t really a sport.

Also, if by any chance this article has peaked your interest in horse riding activities or competitions, please remember to check out the link I have provided above and experience the differences between horse riding leisurely, and doing it skillfully to become a sport (or sport that require horse riding).

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