How To Register A Horse Trailer Without Title?

The horse is a species that is so familiar and important to human life. In the past, moving horses was not too difficult when you could ride horses on the street with reins on their necks or even use them as a means of transportation.

How To Register A Horse Trailer Without Title?

Nowadays, with the development of infrastructure, horses can only be transported from one place to another by a horse trailer.

If you intend to buy a horse trailer today, I will give you some experience on how to register a trailer without a title.

What is a horse trailer?

A horse trailer is used to transport horses, it also has many different names in other countries, such as horse float, horsebox,… Depending on the needs of the users, many horse trailers are produced in different sizes, designs, and weights.

Due to various objective and subjective issues, many horse trailers have been purchased without the title, this makes their legitimation of them very complex.

Although there are also some places where the legitimacy of horse trailers is not heavily promoted, most states still recommend owners register for their trailers.

Trailer registrations

As with the popularity of horses, trailers appear in so many different countries so it is almost impossible to find a common standard for trailer registration.

The article only sums up some information and gives you the best advice as well as some good policies in some places.

In many parts of the world, when registered, trailers will be divided into two groups based on weight.

If your trailer is less than a certain level that the authorities set, you will not have to care about the title or not and vice versa. For example, in Texas, if the trailer exceeds 4,000 lbs, it must be titled.

If your trailer requires to be titled, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Bring the documents (proof of ownership) to the DMV.

  • The original title.
  • The bill of sale and proof of sales tax payment/ sales tax form.
  • Payment for fees and taxes or proof of an exemption.

Step 2: Get documents from the DMV.

  • Vehicle plates.
  • Registration document.

Step 3: Get your vehicle inspected.


Thus, you can only register a horse trailer without a title if its weight is lower than required. In the other case, you must go to the DMV to complete the application.

However, I recommend that you complete the legal documentation for your horse trailer, in case for the convenience of many issues later.


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