How to Keep Flies Off Horses? – Making The Best Anti-flies Spray

Horses can become irritable with the bites of insects, especially flies.

Knowing how to keep flies off your horse is vital to make them comfortable and healthy.

Learn why flies like horses, and how to make a spray that will keep them off your horse for good.

How to Keep Flies Off Horses

How to keep flies off your horse

The best way to keep flies off is by using vinegar. It’s the cheapest and most common product that anyone can get a hold-off.

Yet, there are some others that you can use, that will do the trick as well.

You can use these products In two ways: feed them or spray them.

Feed your horse to keep flies off

Apple Cider vinegar is the best choice, yet white wine vinegar can be used without any problem.

You must mix from 2 to 4 ounces of the vinegar with a liter of water and feed it to your horse every day.

Not only is safe but it will keep the flies, fleas, and ticks away too.

Another similar remedy is using crushed garlic instead of water, yet you might find some trouble making the horse drink the water.

Aside from making him drink vinegar preparing a spray out of different ingredients is for sure the fastest and most effective way to maintain the flies away from your horse.

Make a spray to repel flies off your horse

I will share some homemade recipes for different sprays that will ensure that no fly comes near your horse.

But I still recommend you get a good horse fly spray to deal with these horrible insects and protect your barn.

How to apply it to the eyes?

Keeping the flies off the eyes of horses can be a huge problem since that is a delicate area.

A safe way is to use a “grooming mitt”, just spray the mitt with the chosen repellent and apply it carefully.

If you were to touch the eyes accidentally, just rinse them with generous water.

Also, roll-on repellent, insecticide towelettes, and fly gels, cautiously applied can be helpful in keeping flies off your horses’ eyes.

Spray to keep flies off horse

Spray to keep flies off via

For your horse’s body

The best recipe for a spray to apply on any body part of the horse is using vinegar:

  • 1 cup of water
  • 2 cups of vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon of eucalyptus oil or similar.

Mix it all and you are ready to use it. There are many variations to this recipe where you can add other oils, or plants such as lavender, sandalwood, and tea trees.

Another excellent recipe is done by using the power of garlic:

  • Crushed garlic
  • 5 parts of water
  • Anybody oil of choice (like eucalyptus oil)

Shake it well, until the garlic is all mixed in.

The last one that works marvelously makes use of lemons.

  • 1 big lemon with a thick rind
  • Rosemary
  • Water

Slice the lemon and cover with boiling water alongside the rosemary thinly. Let it sleep overnight and strain it the next morning.

Easy to use and very fragrant.

Any of the given solutions works fantastically, and they are very easy to prepare at home.

So go ahead, and keep the flies off your horse.

Why do flies like my horse?

Some methods to keep flies off your horse require you to understand why flies love these animals in the first place.

Flies feed off the health of other animals, and they target mainly cattle and horses.

These despicable insects can be found not only on the body, and eyes of horses but also in the manure and surroundings.

Easy things that will keep the number of flies to a minimum is to clean regularly wherever your horse is and the things around it.

Grooming your horse is a very positive way to maintain him clean enough for flies not to approach so often.

All in all, it’s very easy to learn how to keep flies off horses.

Just buy basic ingredients, and make fly sprays at home. Or you can easily buy a good fly trap.

No more stress caused by insects, just enjoy the time you spend with your healthy free of flies equine friend.

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