How Much Is Friesian Horse Weight?

The weight of horses depends on the breed and size, and Friesian horse weight is no exception. But why does the weight matter?

On the one hand, the weight determines the uses of the horses. For example, heavy horses help pull the wagons and ploughs. Meanwhile, light horses are raised for racing, herding cattle, and riding for leisure.

In the case of Friesian horses, they are a type of light horse. However, how light is this breed usually?

Friesian Horse weight

History of Friesian Horses

The name “Friesian” was inherent from the “Friesland” in the Netherlands – the home to its ancestor. Back then, Friesian horses adopted the high knee-action, the craning neck, and the small head from Arabian-blood horses.

By being affected by various bloodlines, Friesian horses are taller and finer-boned with an all-black coat hair.

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Uses of Friesian Horse

With their gorgeous look, Friesian horses are a show talent which is always outstanding in the crowded.

Thus, there is an increasing interest in using these unique breeds for recreation and sport, such as horseback riding and drawing carriages. Hence, you can catch sight of those Friesian horses pulling vintage carriages during events.

What’s more, Friesian horses are common on the ranch and racetrack because they are agile and swift.

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How Much Is Friesian Horse Weight?

The weight depends on the breed and the age of Friesian horses, as well as their height.

Accordingly, horses at the age of 4 years old are 1.6 meters high. At that size, the average weight is around 1,300 lbs. The height of ordinary mares and geldings is at least 1.54 meters. However, mares tend to weigh less, and geldings weigh more.

Black Friesian Horse

Why The Weight Matters?

Firstly, knowing your ideal weight of Friesian horses helps partly understand the current health of your pets. Then, you can figure out how much you should feed the horses.

Tips: You can use the best horse grazing muzzle to restrict amount of grass that horses eat.

Secondly, the weight of horses changes seasonally. For example, horses often lose weight during the winter. Hence, you had better add more good-quality hay so that horses can get extra calories to get through the cold. Meanwhile, Friesian horses can gain excess fat because there is more grass available.

Thirdly, Friesian horse weight also indicates how much they can safely carry and pull. A horse can handle between 15 and 20 percent of its body weight as a rule of thumb.

To Sum Up, How to Measure Friesian Horse Weight?

It is better if you can refer to experts to figure out how much your Friesian horse weight is so that you can take good care of your lovely pets. Then you can estimate the weight with a measuring tape as follows:

  • Measure girth of horses in inches
  • Measure how long it is from chest to the rump, in inches as well
  • Enter the measurements into an online tool. The actual weight is the result plus or minus 3%

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