How Much Does It Cost To Board A Horse?

Before you start looking for a horse, which costs will you pay great attention to?

Well, most people who own a horse will board him if they don’t have a place to keep him. And when it comes to boarding your animal on other people’s property, it gets a lot more expensive.

So, how much does it cost to board a horse?

The spending of boarding a horse is at least $100 and on average $300 to $500 per month, but in metropolitan areas, it can go up to $1200 or $2500.

Cost To Board A Horse

What Are The Main Factors Affecting The Cost Of Board?

Many variables go into the price of boarding your horse, including location, facilities, and services provided.

The cost of a board can vary depending on where you live. The boarding facility also determines the price, relying on whether it provides a fancy barn or a typical barn, and whether it has an arena or not.

The barn owners will charge extra costs if you want them to turn out your horse, supply fly spray, rinse them off, or even offer training.

Horse Boarding Fees

Boarding fees depend on the board types: Full Board, Partial Board, Self Care Board, and Pasture Board.

Full board

I like the fact that all the accommodations are accessible right there.

With Full board, facilities will provide hay, shavings, water, fresh bedding, regular exercise, and other amenities.

You will have access to everything on-site, indoor and outdoor arenas, and trails. Massive barns, clean stalls, and lessons trainers are also handy.

Those boarding places typically tend to be very expensive, but it’s beneficial to you. Full care cost starts at about $350 with the outdoor arena while you usually pay at least $500 a month indoors.

Partial board

It’s a lot more economical than a Full board. You buy your own hay, grain, and shavings.

Horse owners pay a fee for renting the stall with access to a public turnout pasture and farm facilities. Barn owners will feed and clean stalls for you.

A partial board includes a stall fee and additional charge: mucking out stalls, turning out and bringing back the horse, removing and applying blankets, and providing shavings.

The partial care fee starts at about $250 to $400.

Self Care Board

It provides a stall in the barn, storage space for winter hay, and access to electricity and water. And you are responsible for feeding, bedding, turning out the horse, and mucking out the stalls.

With a self-care board, you come to feed your horse, clean your stalls daily, buy your feed, and shavings and do everything yourself.

This type of board works well for someone who lives close to the stable. It’s a little hard for everyone to drive to the barn every single day. But if it works for you, that’s the cheapest option.

You will pay $125 on average for the boarding rent.

Pasture Board

With this type, horses live outside all year round and have shelter. An additional fee is blanketing on winter days.

If you want to board a horse in a pasture, with no expectation of food, regular exercise, or other amenities, you can handle boarding a horse for about $100 per month. That’s extremely cheap.

Final Words

Well, choosing a horse board depends on whether you are on a tight or large budget.

There is no simple answer to the question of how much it costs to board a horse without details about where you live, what you want to do with your horse, and what kind of facilities you are seeking.

So, just put together a spreadsheet of the expenses. Then, it’s up to you.

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