How Much Does An American Quarter Horse Weigh?

Quarter horses are known as one of the best horse breeds in the world. Featuring a large, muscular body, many believe that the strength of American quarter horses comes from their considerable weight. Then how much does an American quarter horse weigh?

American Quarter Horse Weight

General Information

Before finding the answer to this question, let’s take a brief look at this breed.

The American quarter horse is a high-speed horse that can sprint excellently. You can easily come across images of American quarter horses in horse racing, on the pasture, or the ranch. Wherever you are, you will always see these horses looking incredible strong.

American quarter horses are also named because they can run far beyond other breeds in horse racing of a quarter-mile. With such power and speed, American quarter horses are often used in horse racing, performing arts, as well as police units.

There are four types of American quarter horses: The bulldog, the semi bulldog, the progressive quarter horse, and the running quarter horse.

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How Much Does An American Quarter Horse Weigh?

In case you own an American quarter horse, you always want to keep them fit and healthy. Then you will need to know the reasonable weight and how to keep your horse in that range.

However, you should note that American horses have many different levels of weight and height, depending on their types.

They can weigh up to 1200 pounds or only 450 pounds. They can be 50 inches tall or almost 70 inches tall. And this is entirely normal, so you don’t need to worry.

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Weight of 4 types of American Quarter Horse

1. The bulldog

The bulldog is the most famous type of four classes. It can weigh from 1150 to 1350 pounds. Because of its massive weight and modest height, this horse has a stocky and robust appearance.

2. The semi bulldog

This horse looks much thinner than the bulldog,  weighing about 1000 to 1250 pounds. However, they are about one hand taller than the bulldog.

3. The progressive quarter horse

They are the average horse type. They weigh more than 1150 pounds. They are taller than both the bulldog and the semi bulldog.

4. The running Quarter Horse

This type is taller than all other types mentioned. They are the tallest, and they weigh just over 1200 pounds, so they look quite thin.

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Now You Have Known Average Weights of A Quarter Horse

We sure you do! After knowing about the number, you will need to know how to maintain the horses’ weight to ensure they are in good health. A healthy & balance treat with water, fat, protein, vitamin and minerals will help your quarter horse always fit & strong!

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