How Much Does A Horse Cost To Buy?

If you are looking forward to owning one or more horses to take care of and ride, you will have to learn about the cost of these animals.

You can imagine that you know which horse breed you want and buy them at horse-selling places or horse owners, but that’s not enough.

That’s why you may need our article to answer the question: How much does a horse cost to buy?”. We will give you the necessary information about the price of a horse, price influencing factors, and some high costs that a beginner should know.

How Much Does A Horse Cost To Buy?

What is the average price to buy a horse?

Prices of horse

In general, the baby horses cost several hundred dollars, while a pedigree horse can make you pay thousands. However, you can expect a payment of about $1300 and note that many factors contribute to this price. A horse ownership survey from the University of Maine shows that the average annual horse ownership cost is $ 3,876 per horse.

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Things to consider when buying a horse

When you first start with this expensive hobby, you should know how much to spend on a horse. Because some people cannot afford to keep these animals, they’ll abandon them when they cannot pay for the payments. So, it would be best to research all the costs of raising a horse before buying them, like horse breed price, food and veterinary, places to keep, and other maintenance.

Now check out the price of some favorite horse breed.

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Price list of different horse breeds

Horse breed Price Lodging Food Veterinary care Training Accessory/ additional fees
Pony a couple of hundred dollars to tens of thousands

For example: Shetlands: $300 to $1,500

Connemaras: $3,000 to $28,000

about $200/ month Hay: around $1,200/ year


Grain $140/  year or minerals $20/ year

Checkups: $250

Miscellaneous costs: worming $48/ year; hoof care $35 to $50/ month

$1,000 to $2,000/ year Helmet, brush, shampoo, buckets, and first aid: hundreds of dollars
Miniature $1,000 to $200,000 $50 to $150/ month $25/ month
(feed and hay)
Same as for larger horses $300 and up/ month Blankets: $25 to $65

Sheets: $20 to $45

Carts: $375 to $1,500

Shire horse $5000-$8000 or more $500 to $2000/ month $200 Farrier + the cost of annual healthcare Vary Saddle: $700

Grooming gear: $100

Clydesdale $1000 to $1200, but most of them sold $2500 to $5000. $500 to $2000/ month $150 to $175/ month Farrier: $25 to $150/ month

+ the cost of annual healthcare

Shoes: $150-$200 per 4–8 weeks


Thoroughbred (commonly used in horse racing) Championship quality: $100,000 to $300,000 Farm’s day rate: around $50 a day (when horses need a break) Blacksmith – $80-$100/ month

Veterinarian: $200-$1,500/ month

Dentist: $75/ month

Chiropractor: $75/ month

Trainer’s day rate: $85 – $95 up to $120

(day rate including feed, vitamins, supplies, etc.)

Entry fees: no fee for normal races, up to $120,000 for stakes races

Trainer and Jockey Commissions: 10% for 1st place, 5% for 2nd and 3rd.

Accounting: vary

Note that the above costs are estimates only and depend on many other factors or costs incurred according to your needs of caring and competitions attendance. You should find out more about the law, the horse price market, and the cost of participating in the race in your city.

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Some factors to identify the high or low price of horse breeds

How do you know how much to spend on a horse that suits you? We bring you some main factors affecting a horse’s price.

Age of the horse

You should know the age of a horse is best from 7 to 14 years old. Although the price depends on the conditions and breeding of a horse, older horses over the age range will be less valuable. However, many horses are still capable of working well at 20 years old.

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Horse breeds

Horse breeds are also an essential factor that determines prices. There are some precious breeds like Quarter Horses, Paints, and Warmbloods. However, you have to pay a higher price for a top stallion because it can be more valuable than its breed and easier to train well.

Trained or untrained

When a horse owner trains them deep and wide in a particular program, you will have to pay a better price if you want to own them. Also, training with a famous trainer will increase the value of the horse. Note that horse logs in the show ring or wins a few races will also cost more.

Health problems

If the horse has some health problems such as lameness or need medications, you can deal at a lower price. A little problematic horse is still suitable for riding, and you can have it with significant discounts. You should also check horses by veterinarians before paying.

Horse location or demand

You can know that you can buy horses cheaper than in other places. However, if you live in an area with a shortage of a specific horse type, you have to pay more to get the horse you want.

The reasons for a sale

You can benefit from having lower horse prices when owners rush to sell due to life or family changes. In contrast, sellers who want to wait for suitable buyers will have a stable price.

Here are some exciting things for you.

With a horse having problems in health or training, you may have them for free. In contrast, you will pay millions of dollars if a horse is on the top list of racehorses or a show horse has breeding potential. If you have $ 2,000 to $ 20,000, you can buy a well-trained horse with minimal health problems and pay more for a show horse.

Thoroughbred horse

Thoroughbred is one of the most expensive horse breeds

All in all, how much does a horse cost to buy?

You can know briefly about the costs needed to own a horse. Now is the time to decide to buy them. Carefully choose the most suitable horse breed and review the factors that affect the price we have mentioned above to bargain the better prices.

It would be best to learn more about local regulations, the horse market, and horse care service in your city. Then, you can calculate precisely how much it costs for a horse and possibly saves more when you raise some horses simultaneously, such as buying large quantities of food, making large stables, etc.

Wish you soon have good horses, and don’t forget to share comments with us here.


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