How Much Do Thoroughbred Horses Weigh?

How much do thoroughbred horses weigh? If you’re like most horse enthusiasts, then you have likely wondered at one time or another. After all, these animals are some of the largest and most powerful in the world, and their mass can vary significantly from one breed to the next.

If you are a racehorse lover, you may not miss the breed called “thoroughbred horse”. Endowed with a good physical performance along with agility, high spirit, and speed, they are genuinely born to be a racing-winner.

thoroughbred horses weight

In this blog post, we will take a look at the average weight of a thoroughbred horse as well as some of the heavyweight champions in the breed. Then, how much do thoroughbred horses weigh? How to fatten this breed? Scroll down and the answers will take you aback!

How Much Do Thoroughbred Horses Weigh?

The weight of a thoroughbred horse depends on many factors and determines the percentage of its capacity in a specific field.

They undergo selective breeding for extreme speeds, fast growth to the full size of the body, and have their weight varied when they are on their heydays compared to the time they are fully matured and withdraw from the track.

Their weight also differs due to the kind of specific career each has, such as racing, hanger rings, reining, etc. However, they are especially desirable in the field of racing for their stamina. The thoroughbred racehorse often has a leaner shape than that in other fields, say, trail horse.

Immature thoroughbred horses often endure very hard training in the race at a very young age, around 2 years old. When they reach the point of full maturity- 5 years old, most of them have to retire from the race. Isn’t it quite harsh to their life cycle?

The average thoroughbred racehorses weigh around 1036 to 1135 pounds. The body size changes, then the number on the scale does likewise, this is why they finally make it to approximately 1256 pounds when they are physically grown up.

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How Do You Fatten Up A Thoroughbred Horse?

A great concern of all horse trainers and owners is how to put more weight on their thoroughbred horses. Is this also your issue? If the answer is yes, here is what you need!

1. Feed them with the right source of nutrition

As horses are grazers, food such as green forage, and clean hay are highly recommended. You must choose a high-quality type of hay to help these horses absorb well. Alfalfa, Bermuda, and Orchard are suggested.

Feed thoroughbred horses

2. Fat equates to fake nutrition

Though the goal is to fatten a thoroughbred horse, it does not mean they have to consume fat sources. As a matter of fact, a horse’s daily requirement of fat is less than 5%, therefore, you’d better use nutrition instead of fat items such as oil, butter,…

3. Use the formula

A popular formula based on the goal of body weight is widely used to solve this problem. A horse should absorb around 1,5% to 2,5% compared to their weight. The best-suggested scale to start is 2%, then make the adjustment after 21 days if necessary.

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Bottom Line About How Much Do Thoroughbred Horses Weigh?

The answer finally comes to light, does it serve you well? The average weight of thoroughbred horses depends partly on their purpose of usage. As listed above are some novel ways to fatten up this special breed. May this article be helpful to you.

Thanks for reading.

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