How Much Do Tennessee Walking Horses Weigh?

The question of how much do Tennessee walking horses weigh actually gets asked more than you think.

If you are a horse trainer, or simply just fond of Tennessee walking horses, knowing basic information like the weight of a horse can make a sound base for your horse care and training. From there, you can master the track with your horses.

Tennessee walking horse weight

I, myself, love active sports with animals that are both intelligent and able to make friends with humans, to be more specific, horses. If you want to know about this problem, let’s jump straight into today’s article.

How much do Tennessee Walking horses weigh?


A fully grown Tennessee walking horse can weigh about 900 to 1200 pounds, or 410 to 540 kilograms.

This is an impressive figure. It weighs up to 8-10 times more than an average person. You can see that most horses are fit with lots of muscles due to them running a lot.


Tennessee horse or Tennessee walking horse is a beautiful horse breed known for its unique four-beat walkway and flashy movement.

Compared to other horse species in other regions, the Tennessee walking horse has a lower head and a more curved back. This makes it easier to place the saddle firmly, and the seat is also safer.

However, when you need to lean on the horse’s neck, you’ll have to bend a bit lower.

With a variety of beautiful colors like white, black, chestnut, gray, brown, etc., Tennessee horses are loved by many equestrian athletes.

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How to keep Tennessee walking horses weight balanced?

There are different ways to feed horses if you want to balance their weight. You need to pay extra attention to the need for food for each horse, the quantity of nutrition, the source of food, and how to prepare it.

Once you get to know what your horse needs, you’ll see that it’s not that complicated.

Because Tennessee walking horses are parts of the racing line, they need at least 9 kg of dried grass every day and 45 liters of water to digest all the food.

Equestrian diets also include grass, rice, soy, raw chicken eggs, and other supplements for their health.

You should diversify and add supplements promptly, giving your horses the best condition to take in nutrients and maintain a stable weight.

In Closing About How Much Do Tennessee Walking Horses Weigh?

I hope my article did give you an answer to the question: how much do Tennessee walking horses weigh?

Besides that, you should also do more research about this horse breed – for example, their teeth structure, digestive system, grooming, horseshoe care, etc.

Having a better understanding of this breed helps you take better care of your horses, and keep their weight balanced.

Thank you for reading.

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