How Much Do Morgan Horses Weigh?

Speaking of a popular equine breed, you should not miss out on Morgan horses. Besides their exceptional versatility, other features of this breed will take you by surprise. Though they have compact bodies, their stature is relatively small. So, how much do Morgan horses weigh? And how can we keep their weight balanced?

morgan horse weight

How much do Morgan horses weigh?

Fully-grown Morgan horses tend to weigh from 900 pounds (400 kg) to 1100 pounds (500 kg). These numbers are fairly average compared to those of other breeds. However, they do not determine the horse’s strength and stamina.

Morgan horses possess exceptional versatility. Throughout history, they have taken part in a variety of works. Their applications and capabilities have always stood out in the horse community. They are excellent at riding horses with impressive speed and agility. One of their best success included the role of cavalry mounts during the Civil War.

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Care and nutrition for Morgan horses

Morgan horses are very manageable and easy keepers. As an owner, you only need to feed them on the average amount, less than the demand of other breeds. Their weights still remain at an appropriately equal number.

The standard diet of Morgan horses includes grains, quality grass, and hays. Depending on their age, workload, and condition, each may have different needs for nutrition. Their feeding schedule should be consistent as a routine because, in general, every horse sticks to its own internal clock. Any changes to the diet should be gradually made as well.

One particular thing to note about Morgan horses’ diet is the water supply. They need a large amount of cool fresh water. And the supply should be constant as well, especially in the summer.

Besides, protein supplements are essential in the nutritional requirements of all Morgan horses. Dried skim milk, cottonseed, and linseed is their usual need. Commercially mixed protein supplements also work well for them.

However, in general, Morgan horses are susceptible to obesity. That’s why owners should note the amounts of sweets in the horse’s daily feed. It should be adjusted to a small ratio to prevent Morgan horses from getting overweight. Paying close attention to their nutritional needs also helps Morgan to maintain their healthy body conditions.

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As a horse owner, you should remember not to let your horse work right away after feeding. The suggested time is more than 1 hour later. In case of intensive work, the time should be at least 3 hours then.

In Conclusion About How Much Do Morgan Horses Weigh?

Now, we can finally answer the question, “how much do Morgan horses weigh?”.  Here I also have many notes about Morgan horses’ nutritional demand. Despite being a robust and healthy equine breed, they also need great care to live longer. Surely, you will love to have Morgan as a lifelong loyal companion!

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