How Long Do Horses Live? Average Horse Lifespan

In many countries, people consider horses as their best friends. Therefore, they take care of those animals carefully. Thanks to better feeding and medical health care, the lifespan of a horse have been increasing longer than ever.

Do you want to know “how long do horses live”?

Well, it is approximate 28 years (+/- 5 years) and let’s find out in detail with us in this article. We are going to take research on several common types of horses in the world.

How Long Do Horses Live?

How long do horses live?

To give you the best answer, we had done research about the lifespan of a horse in several studies. Here is our final result.

Since horses are so useful, people want to keep their cattle to live longer. Therefore, they have been taking notice of how can take better care of them. As a result, we have the lifespan of a horse is longer than that of the ancient one.

If we were in the 90s or the more previous time, it would be so rare to find out a thirty-year-old horse. Yes, it is the truth.

female horse is called a mare

The average age of a horse is 28 years old

In the past, we can see that people did not pay much attention to the nutrition and health care of those horses. That means horses had to work hard and train hard without enough nutrition for them to live longer.

But for today, since people have been developing many care techniques, it seems that horses live at the age of 30 is normal. In other words, we have a lot of improved medical and nutritional knowledge that helps us to expand the life of the horse.

Overall, according to the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, we have the life expectancy of a horse is approximately 28 years (+/- 5 years). The age of horses today is for various reasons, and the magnificent one comes from human effects.

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The average lifespan of common horses

For the purpose of showing you detailed information about the average age of horses, we created a table.

So, how many years does a horse live?

Definitely, you can have the right answer in the below table.

Type of horse Lifespan
Wild horse 15 years
Domestic horse 25 – 33 years
Arabian horse 30 years
Thoroughbred horses 25 – 35 years
Paint Horse 30 -31 years
Mini Horse 25 – 35 years

Facts about Horse Age

1. How can we tell how old your horse is?

Do you know that you can know how old your horse is without remembering its date of birth?

The method which we are going to show you is related to the teeth of the horse.

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You can tell the age of a horse through its teeth

Are you curious about how we can do that?

Well, since the structure of the teeth in a different stage of age, we can tell how long the horse has lived. Although we can see the teeth clearly, this method helps you find out the horse’s age and approximate level.

Since the teeth of a young horse are deciduous ones. Adult horses have permanent teeth with specific traits. You can see that the adult teeth are quite concave on the surface.

2. What is the oldest horse ever?

The age of a horse is about 28 years old, but there are some cases that particulars can be more. In doing research on the lifespan of a horse, we found the top five oldest horses in the world for you.

The first horse has the name Prospect point (1978 – 2016). It lived until the age of 38 in South Carolina, USA. People considered it as the oldest Thoroughbred horse ever.

The second one had the age of 46. It named Magic and was born in 1969. It died in 2015 in Fallbrook, California. The breed of the horse is Polish Arabian.

The third oldest horse on the list is Orchid (1964/1965 – 2015). Since it lived up to 49/50 years old, people claimed that she is the oldest female horse in the world.

The fourth one had the name Scribbles (1958 – 2009). The age of the horse was 51 years old. He lived in Cornwall, England with the Alison family.

The fifth horse on the list is Sugar Puff (1951 – 2007). It was born in West Sussex, United Kingdom. The age of it was surprisingly high – with 56 years old.

The last one and the oldest one – named Old Billy. It was born in 1760 and died in 1822. The horses had a 62-year-old life. That means it is the oldest horse ever in the world.

the oldest horse ever billy

3. How long do horses live in the wild?

As you can see, in the wild, the horse has to face up many harsh conditions like starvation, bad weather, and diseases. Therefore, wild horses have a shorter life than domestic ones.

When compared with domestic horses, we can say that the life expectancy of wild horses is shorter. The reason comes from a lot of factors. Since the domestic horse has better breed, size, proper care, as well as genetics, it tends to live longer.

Clydesdales are therapy horses

Domestic horses live longer than wild ones

The average age of the wild horse is around 15 years old. On the other hand, in some cases, the kind of horse lives in better conditions like the variety of sources of food and water. As a result, it will be able to live 10 years longer.

Summary, Lifespan of a horse is…

In short, the average number of years in which a horse can live is about 28. According to many studies, if we keep giving the horse a great living condition as we do, the animal can continue to live for far longer life in the future.

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