How Fast Can a Horse Run? Speed of Different Breeds of Horses

Throughout history, horses have been used by humans for many tasks. Farming, carrying heavy loads, to deliver messages, in war, in races, or as simple transportation means, they have been part of the life of people for thousands of years.

However, in our modern times, it has changed, they are still used in farming, but their primary purpose is to be bred for racing.

Horses are regarded as beautiful creatures, especially when running gracefully and fast. How fast can a Horse run? They can reach speeds of even 70 kilometers per hour, which is the current record for the fastest horse.

Is it amazing?

Many more incredible things to discover about horse’s speeds, and their different races.

How Fast Can a Horse Run

Speed in which a horse can run

Like we humans, horses can run at different rates, depending on the place they go. They have fours gaits, as in the movements a horse makes naturally or as a result of training, by which we can assess how fast they are,

The speed for a horse walking is between 5 to 8 kilometers (3.1-5.0 mph). In trot or pace mode,  they go from 8 km to 13  km (5.0-8.1 mph). They speed up when they canter, with 16 to 27 kilometers per hour (9.9-16.8 mph), and on full gallop their speed goes from 25 to 30 km per hour (16-19 mph). However, the record of the fastest horse recorded is 70.76 kilometers per hour (43.97 mph).

Astonishing feet indeed to go as fast as 70 kilometers per hour.

We can conclude that the average speeds of the gaits are 6.4km for a four-beat walk, for the jog or two-beat trot is 9.9 km per hour, lope or canter around 21.5 km per hour and finally, the gallop’s average is 44 km per hour.

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Breeds and their speeds

There are many breeds of horses, some of them are not very fast. However, their sturdiness serves them as a good viaduct for heavy labor. Others, are the breeder’s dream and can gallop fast and gracefully.

The appaloosa greatly known as racehorses, amongst the highest speeds recorded is that of 41 miles per hour in American circuits.

The Quarter breed of horses is considered to be the fastest breed, and some of them have clocked off the record up to 55 miles per hour, which significantly goes above the record of 43 mph.

Regardless of the amazing record of the quarter-breed, the Arabian is right there, with less documented but proven 55 miles per hour as well.

Now, these 55 miles per hour speeds recorded, have been always on short sprint races with very little stress just to raw text the speed and endurance of an animal on a short distance.

The difficult task is to demand high speed on an actual race, with other horses on your path, the noise and stress of a cheering crowd, and the overly excitement that any sport can bring.

On this the absolute winner is the Thoroughbred, these horses have achieved speeds on an actual race of 44 miles per hour, being faster on that race than two other quarter.

Currently, the fastest horses are the Thoroughbreds.

In conclusion, horses can achieve incredible speeds of up to 55 mph, and do so with grace and beauty. To know how fast your horse can run, make sure you know what race it is, as it plays a crucial part in the horses’ abilities. And of course, take good care of him, and you will always have him in his best performance form.

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