How Do Horses Show Affection to Humans?

It’s great to be back.

In this article, I will provide you with some interesting information about horses.

How do horses feel love and how do horses show affection to humans?


If a horse does not like you stroking on its chest or neck, it will show it through attitude.

Of course, horses can feel emotions. If dogs can express their love clearly, horses show their affection in a subtle way.

In fact, horses can sense human attitudes and emotions.

You don’t believe, do you?

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Keep track of the following experiments

This is the conclusion of scientists studying animal behavior in the UK published in the Biology journal.

A group of scientists conducted an experiment for dozens of horses looking at pictures of people with happy and angry faces for 2 minutes.

Four hours later, they tracked the horses when they met people in the picture in a state of normal emotions, scientists found that they still hold negative emotions about people with angry faces.

“The ability to detect the most exquisite human emotions and memories them, the horses have the ability to identify objects that may pose a potential threat,” the researchers said.

In addition, Horses can feel love from their owners when you are happy, sad, or angry, horses can understand your emotions.

Do horses remember you?

The answer is “yes”, the horse has a memory of the owner and the places they have been to.

A study in 2010 revealed surprising results for horses’ intelligence, particularly their ability to remember.

Not only can the word be understood, but the horse also has the ability to remember something in a very long time.

If a horse is cared for and treated well, it will remember the caretaker until death.

In particular, the horse will immediately remember the person who he or she has looked after, even if not seen for a long time.

They can also remember places pretty well.

Let’s try to imagine:

You have to go to work for a long time when you return, the horse you will be happy when they see you for sure. They stomped, breathing hard, and want to get close to you.

Can you guess it?

They are saying that they miss you!


The horse has a very good memory, so the horse can remember you, especially if you have ever taken care of them.

A French research team published their research in 2010 on horse memory, in response to the question, “Do horses remember you?” They did an experiment:

They followed 23 horses in a training program with a horse trainer. Every day, the trainers take care of horses.

After that, the trainer will not see the horse for 8 months. When they meet again, the horses that have been trained by the previous trainer are friendly and happy.

They can recognize the voice and sound of your footsteps.

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How do horses show affection to humans and do horse know their owners?

Horses can fully remember their owners. For a long time not seen but horses can still remember you and express their feelings to you.

Moreover, Horses can be remembered in many ways. To prove that the horse can remember you, remember the face, the voice of the owner.

US scientists have experimented with the following:

They recorded the voice of the horse owner on a phone, and a stranger’s voice entered into another phone.

They give the horse two sets of recordings at once, and the horses immediately turn their heads toward the voices of their owners.


The horse knows their owners, even without meeting the owner for a long time (source from The Telegraph)

So I can say that the horse knows its owner.

Scientists also claim that horses have better hearing than dogs and that they can detect the scent on your body.

Whether you use perfumes or other medications horses can easily recognize you with their hearing organs.

Do horses like being petted?

Each animal has different preferences but they all love to be stroked, horses are no exception.

It can be said that horses love to be stroked every day so that they can feel the love from their owners.

Where do horses like being petted?

Horses love to stroke at the back, and upper body and do not stroke horses in the abdomen, tail, or nose.

Stand by the side of the horse so that you can stroke his/ her back, do not stand in front of and caress the nose or neck of the horse.

However, in many cases, horses prefer to be stroked on the neck, shoulders, or chest. Others prefer to cuddle on the head and ears.


Horses love to cuddle because they feel relaxed and can feel the love of their owners. (Source from )

For example, the horse will move away, pinch or turn his head to the other side.

In case, if the horse likes to cuddle, it will bow down, approach you, or tilt his head and look at you.

Now you can answer the question: “Do horses like being petted”, right?

In summary

Horses are very intelligent animals, they can express their emotions, attitudes, and feelings.

Horses can know their owners, horses also love to be stroked.

Have you ever heard that famous quote: “Every rider has that one special horse, who changes everything about them”. Now you can answer the question: How do horses show affection to humans?

If you are raising a horse, love him and take care of him with all your heart. The horse will love you until death.

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