5 Best Horse Blankets 2020: Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Horse Blanket Reviews

A horse blanket will provide your horse with effective insulation when the temperature drops low. From thickest blankets to most fashionable ones, below are in-depth reviews of the top 5 best horse blankets for your 4-legged companion. Top 5 Best Horse Blankets Reviews 2020 Let’s go into the details of each product! #1: Weatherbeeta Orican … Read more

Comparison About Equimax vs Zimecterin Gold Horse Wormer

Equimax vs Zimecterin Gold Horse Wormer

It has never been easy to decide on Equimax vs Zimecterin Gold. Especially when both products always receive positive responses from most users. Before digging into more details, let’s get through some general information about these dewormers. Equimax Dewormer is produced by Bimeda, a leading biopharmaceutical manufacturer. Meanwhile, Zimecterin Gold is manufactured by Merial, a … Read more

Bimeda Equimax Horse Wormer Reviews

Bimeda Equimax Horse Wormer Review

Many diseases that your horse may face are caused by internal parasites or worms. Some common symptoms and diseases are diarrhea, weight loss, nasal discharge, and bloating. Therefore, it is necessary to use proper dewormer for your horse’s safety. In the marketplace now, you can find a wide range of equine deworming products. But if … Read more

What is a Proud Cut Horse?

proud cut horse

One day, you find that your horse who has been castrated is now mounting a mare. You quickly blame the vet for the incomplete castration that he has done before. Well, there may be another reason for the stallion-like behavior in your gelding. This article will indicate the reasons for odd behavior in castrated horses, … Read more

How Much Does A Horse Weigh?

How Much Do Horses Weigh?

One of the most important factors that help you to acknowledge whether a horse is healthy or not is its weight. While there are many types of breeds, the weight standard is the same for all. The average weight of a horse ranges from 380-1000 kg. The variations depend on its breed, height and age. … Read more