Just to Clarify Highest Horse Jump in the World

With those who love riding a horse or want to conquer the larger challenges, they are difficult to ignore the impressive performances. Don’t have to figure out! Here! The highest horse jump makes you gasp.

Highest Horse Jump in the World

Highest Horse Jump without Saddle

Horse jumping does not include a saddle, does it? Well, it sounds uneasy. Probably, it is difficult to find someone, who can defeat Robert Whitaker.

At the Stockholm International Horse Show, he had set a record in this field. Robert succeeded to jump 2.12m without having the support of the saddle. What a great it is!

I provide a video so that you can clearly see: 

Highest Horse Jumps Ever Be Recorded

Highest Horse Jumps Recorded

According to what to be accomplished, a person named Huaso made a legend jump in 1949 in Chile. He had made efforts for 2 years to achieve the breaking-the-world-record goal. For the result, he with his horse conquered a 2-meter wall.

But, this is not the highest record. The highest horse jump stood until now is 8 feet 1 inch ~ 2.47 meters. Due to a rider had set up at the Army’s Coraceros Regiment. This rider succeeded after 3 attempts.

Another horse jump with a good result no less is 7 feet 10 inches ~ 2.40 meters. Jumping over a barrier constructed the lightweight bricks, Franke Sloothaak set the Puissance record in 1991.

How High Horse Can Jump on Average

As known, the majority of the jumping courses allow reaching up to 2 – 3 feet and even much higher. Frequently, to avoid the injuries and the serious conformational defect, only recommend jumping up to one meter. This one is good enough for the gymnastic development of the horse.

horse jumping

In case, you want to jump over one meter, and it requires your horse to have to the real skills to perform. The horse jumped the optimal height shows that he has more talent.

On the other hands, you should pay attention to the limited numbers of horse’s jump. So, when performing any fence jumps, you have to do carefully.

In a Nutshell

How? What highest horse jump are you the most impressive? It sounds very cool, right? Well, if you are also a pro rider, along with a talent horse, you let concentrate on the practice right now.

Time to time, you can be going to become more skillful. Even, you may set a record for yourself. A or B is a new recorder for the horse jump. Happy riding enjoy!

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