In-depth Gallagher M360 Fence Charger Review In 2023

You have read many Gallagher M360 Fence Charger reviews but are still confused about whether to buy it or not.

Then, do not hesitate anymore. Gallagher M360 is definitely the best electric fence charger on the market now. Overall, it is powerful enough to scare large and ferocious visitors off your garden. Meanwhile, the design is reliably constructed and easy to use.

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Gallagher M360 Fence Charger In Brief

All in all, the Gallagher M360 works well as a middle-of-the-lines electric fence charger that can cover up to 50 miles of the multiple-wire fence using 3 solid joules of energy. As a result, the charger can deal with sizeable domestic livestock and cattle.


Measurements 8 x 8 x 8.75 inches
Weight Around 3 lbs
Stored energy 3 solid Joules
Output energy 2 Joules
Single-wire fence length 44.3 miles
Multi-wire fence length 15 miles
Recommended property size 30 acres
Warranty 2 years


  • 2-year warranty
  • 50 miles of fence coverage
  • 3 joules of energy – enough for medium animals
  • Long-lasting AC components
  • Reasonably priced in terms of features and quality


  • ​​Not for bigger pastures or aggressive wildlife
  • Not waterproof
  • Wire insulation, along with short circuit

About Gallagher Brand

Founded in Auckland, New Zealand, Gallagher now has a long business history of pioneering innovative devices. Especially, the company, so far, has specialized in agricultural electric fencing systems to secure domestic livestock, wildlife animals, and people, as well. Moreover, Gallagher also expands its product lines to the card access system and fuel system to serve you well.

In sum, you can stay assured, knowing that Gallagher knows precisely what you need for farm management.

In-depth Gallagher Fence Charger Reviews

Of all electric fence chargers made by Gallagher, the M360 110V is the best offering of high pedigree and quality.

Compact and durable construction

Gallagher Fence Charger is very compact 8 x 8 x 8.75 inches. The overall weight is only 3 to 3.3 lbs. This makes the M360 easy to handle and install on the fence.

More excitingly, the device is durable to be mounted outsides thanks to its fully enclosed construction. Some consumers confirm that Gallagher M360 can remain outdoors even at -35 degrees C through the winter.

3 solid-state joules

You can think of the fence’s joules as horsepower essential to carrying the load for those who are not very clear about volts and joules.

Typically, the number of joules depends on the target animals and the construction of the fence itself. A rule of thumb is to get one joule out of one mile of fence.

When it comes to Gallagher M360, the device offers 3 solid-state joules that can provide an average amperage of pulses to control short-haired livestock, pets, and small animals without damaging their heart or nerves.

The joules can also scare off predators like foxes or wolves. Nonetheless, aggressive wildlife, such as bears or bulls, often requires higher joules.

Extensive coverage of 50 miles

Gallagher M360 is supposed to cover up to 50 miles of fence in the best working conditions.

To be exact, the recommended distance for a single-wire fence is 44.3 miles, and that for a multi-wire fence is 15 miles. These figures, in fact, are quite useful for an electric fence charger in this price category. They are also sufficient for almost all ranchers and farmers.

Interestingly enough, you can use a single hot wire to extend the distance to 12 miles compared to the perimeter line.

AC power

Another plus is that 110V AC powers Gallagher M360 Electric Fence Charger. It means you can connect the charger directly to the household electrical grid. For example, you can put the device into a barn wall and plug it in right there.

What We Less Like about Gallagher M360

Indeed, Gallagher M360 is possibly mounted outsides. Nonetheless, many consumers reported that the charger could not withstand water since the plastic case is not protective enough against rain.

For that reason, you should buy an additional waterproof case to be better safe than sorry.

Besides, some consumers said they had problems with wire insulation and a short circuit.


1. How to install Gallagher M360?

Simply put, please follow 4 steps:

  • Step 1: Mount the charger

Typically, you usually mount the M360 on walls or wherever that is out of the children’s reach and direct heat. Also, stay away from other machinery to minimize the chances of physical damage.

  • Step 2: Connect the ground.

Attach the charger to the grounding system using an underground cable. Keep the strip at 2 to 4 inches off to maintain a good connection. After that, remember to tighten the clamps.

  • Step 3. Connect the fence

Attach the red output end to the fence and the other end to the line. Use simple joint clamps to guarantee a tight connection.

  • Step 4. Turn On the charger

Finally, plug the device into the power outlet and turn the M360 on.

2. Is a solar fence charger better than the electric one?

Although Gallagher also provides solar chargers, we still recommend electric options like M360. First off, solar fences chargers are often more upfront in price. Not to mention, the power is dependent on weather and also not as powerful as the electric chargers.

3. Is this wide impedance?

No, Gallagher M360 is a low-impedance charger.

In fact, the wide-impedance concept is not popular any longer due to the long and slow pulses. Whereas, the low-impedance devices provide quick pulses of 0.003 seconds and less power leakage.

Final Thoughts

After reading our post, combined with other Gallagher M360 Fence Charger reviews, we hope that you can make a choice now to secure your animals from outside threats!

If you have any further questions, please let us know to get dedicated advice.

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