Friesian Horse Height, How Tall Are They?

Friesian horses never fail to surprise us with their gorgeously “black stallion” appearance. Notably, beginner riders have a common question: what is Friesian horse height, and how big they can become?

Here we reveal some interesting facts about this unique breed.

What Is Friesian Horse?

Black Friesian Horse

What creates a big fan club of this special breed is its all-black coat hair. Sometimes, there are chestnut Friesian horses with the “red” gene.

Another outstanding characteristic is its nimble and graceful size, which is related to its ancestor. The oldest breeds were native to Western Europe, to be specific, the Netherlands centuries ago. Back then, these horses used to be bred as war horses.

So far, Friesian horses have been impacted by various premium bloodlines thanks to the dauntless dedication of horse lovers. Accordingly, purebred Friesians now are finer-boned and taller.

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What Can You Use a Friesian for?

Chestnut Friesian Horse

Unlike other warmbloods in Europe, Friesian horses are not suitable as jumpers.

Instead, these unique breeds are mainly used for dressage and trail riding because of their lightweight (generally under 1,500 pounds.)

They are also popular in carriage parades of competition because their appearance is natural to match the team. Moreover, the unique hair color and high-stepping actions are impressive and eye-catching.

Plus, Friesians are swift and agile, making them an excellent choice on the racetrack, as well as on the ranch.

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Why Is Friesian Horse Height Important?

The size of Friesians, in particular, and all types of horses, in general, should always be proportional to riders. And, when it comes to the size measurement, the weight alone is not the only consideration factor.

You need to take the horse’s height into account.

Accordingly, the right height will allow you to control the Friesians securely and comfortably. Moreover, a horse should reach a specific height to be registered in an official studbook.

how tall are Friesians?

Then, how tall are Friesians?

Usually, 4-year-old Friesians must be about 1.6 meters – equivalent to 15.3 hands. Meanwhile, geldings and mares are often 1.54 meters or 15.0 hands at minim.

To sum up, the average Friesian horses go between 15.2 to 16.0 hands. At that time, those horses possibly enter into the studbook of the breed association.

Why Should You Register Friesians into Studbook?

That the Friesians reach average height does not mean they are possibly entered into the studbook of the breed association. However, this height range is required for registration.

Each year, only a handful of young Friesian stallions get breeding approval. Once the registration is approved, the Friesian horses need to demonstrate a positive impact on the offspring breed. In other words, the horses become more valuable.

Wrapping up

To conclude, choosing the best Friesian horse height is vital to ensure your safe and comfortable riding. Also, it helps partly determine how much the Friesian horse is.

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