Comparison About Equimax vs Zimecterin Gold Horse Wormer

It has never been easy to decide on Equimax vs Zimecterin Gold. Especially when both products always receive positive responses from most users. Before digging into more details, let’s get through some general information about these dewormers.

Equimax Dewormer is produced by Bimeda, a leading biopharmaceutical manufacturer. Meanwhile, Zimecterin Gold is manufactured by Merial, a well-known brand making products for animal health.

Besides some amazing features in common, there are several differences between these dewormers that you should keep in mind. If you feel bombarded with so many advertisements on the market, let my comprehensive review guide you through the frustration!


Different Key Specs Between Equimax vs Zimecterin Gold

That being said, dewormer paste for horses is designed for the prevention of specific types of worms. Also, the usage of each product should depend on the age and condition of the horses. Equimax & Zimecterin Gold are no exceptions.

While there are some similarities regarding the ingredients as both products target the common worm issues, you can choose between these two dewormers with a few differences.


Nothing but the ingredients are the most important factor that you should take into consideration when buying a dewormer for your horse. This is because dewormers are only effective on the type of worms that your horse is dealing with. If you don’t match the dewormer with the right worm issue, it can cause ineffective treatment and even side effects.

Equimax contains 1,87% of Ivermectin and 14,03% of Praziquantel in its ingredients. Meanwhile, the measurements in the Zimecterin Gold are 1,55% and 7,75% respectively, which is much lower than the percentage in the Equimax.

So you may wonder whether Equimax is more effective than Zimecterin Gold. In fact, both are said to be ideal for treating worms, including common parasites such as bots, lungworms, largemouth stomach worms, ascarids, pinworms, etc.

This is because these products combine Ivermectin – a leading feature that takes control over a variety of parasitic threats. Also, Equimax as all as Zimecterin Gold has Praziquantel – an ingredient that is safe and efficient in dealing with tapeworms. Once combined, they will offer wonderful horse parasite control.

Targeted Horses

That said, dewormers should be used for horses with matching ages, weights, and health conditions as well as breeds to avoid unexpected effects.


In terms of the Zimecterin Gold, its contents can work on horses whose body weighs up to 1250 lb. In addition, this dewormer is recommended for horses that are 5-month old or above to ensure the highest level of safety and effectiveness. Another thing you should keep in mind about this product is that it is not allowed for mares who are pregnant or lactating.

Meanwhile, Equimax includes enough content to treat around 1,320 lb body weight. Each weight provided on the syringe plunger can offer sufficient paste for one 220lb horse.

And this product is totally safe for horses of young ages, which are 4 weeks or even above. If your baby horse is suffering from worms, Equimax is the perfect paste to go for. More importantly, this dewormer is compatible with pregnant or even lactating mares, making it a more outstanding option when compared to Equimax vs Zimecterin Gold.


Designed to treat a broad range of parasites that are prone to extensive damage, dewormers usually come with powerful chemical contents, allowing them to get rid of the worm issues effectively. The downsides of this are the possible harm to humans and the environmental impacts as well. Both of the dewormers under review require some caution that you should pay attention to.

Although Equimax is a friendly product for horses, it is a real threat to humans and the environment. According to the brand, this dewormer is not intended for use in the human body. Also, it should always be away from the children’s reach.

Users are advised to wash their hands right after use as the chemicals can refrain from eating as well as smoking while handling. And no contact with eyes are approved.

Another warning you should know when using this product is that it can only be used for horses and ponies. That means no application in other animals is allowed as it can result in severe reactions such as fatalities in dogs.

Equimax also has a negative impact on the environment. Ivermectin and the excreted ivermectin dosage may cause aquatic organisms. Inappropriate amounts of the syringe can also lead to the contamination of the ground and water. Therefore, it’s important to follow the instructions carefully and only use the product in an approved area or by incineration.

While there are a lot of warnings for Equimax about the effects on humans, animals, and the environment, the Zimecterin Gold seems not to have too many issues to deal with.

Same as its competitor as well as other dewormers, this paste is not designed for the human body and animals with adverse reactions. Neither direct interactions including consuming the dewormer nor indirect interactions such as being within reach of children are approved.

Quick Rundown Equimax Horse Wormer


  • Control of a broad variety of parasites, bots, and worms
  • 100% effective against the most common type of tapeworm (A. perfoliata)
  • Safe for horses four-week aged or older, pregnant and lactating mares
  • No severe reaction on fertility and breeding stallions
  • A full dose has sufficient active ingredients for horses weighing up to 1,320 lb.
  • Easy-to-use range/applicator for the more correct dosage
  • Smooth, quick-dissolving paste
  • Apple-flavored


  • The taste is not suitable for some horses, especially those who are wily and experienced

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Quick Rundown Zimecterin Gold Dewormer


  • Popular and well-respected brand
  • Combination of Ivermectin (broad spectrum) and Praziquantel – a specific ingredient treating tapeworm
  • Single-dose usage
  • Each syringe can be used for horses up to 1,250 lb.
  • Safe for horses over the age of 5 months


  • Not allowed for pregnant or lactating mares

Bottom Line

That’s all from my point of view. Hopefully, this detailed comparison will provide you with an insight into the factors that make these two dewormers different and figure out the more suitable choice for your preferences.

In regard to my pick, I would highly recommend the Zimecterin Gold Dewormer. Despite its limited access to horses with certain conditions such as pregnancy, it is still an ideal choice as an effective treatment for worm issues.

More importantly, compared to its competitor – Equimax, the safe reaction to the environment is an addition to making it an outstanding option, bringing you a more playful experience.

Overall, my review is expected to offer you helpful information that makes it easier for you to choose between Equimax vs Zimecterin Gold!

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