EasyCare Easyboot Trail Review of 2023

Recently, your horses seem so uncomfortable in their hoof that they can not be shod, don’t they? Then, it is high time for you to start reading EasyCare Easyboot Trail reviews.

Know why?

Easyboot Trail is a hoof boot designed to protect an injured hoof or make the foot more comfortable on tough terrain. Simply put, the Easyboot Trail is like a human shoe.

Keep reading, and your horse will thank you.


An Overview of EasyCare Easyboot Trail

We would recommend this Easyboot Trail for horses who have to ride for about 25 miles per week, especially on challenging terrains in the backcountry. At this rate, the soft tissues around the hoof are more likely to suffer from pain or even injuries.

Thankfully, the Easyboot Trail is crafted with flexible materials to easily slip on/off most sizes and shapes of the hoof. The dual Velcro attachment will secure the boot in place, while the front shield will take most abuse and shock.

Key features:

  • Protective and comfortable cup gaiters
  • Lightweight upper, integrated front shield, and tough outsole
  • Double velcro that is easy to slip on and off
  • Sole drainage holes included

Pros and Cons


  • Lightweight and comfortable under the hoof
  • Rich in sizing to make your choice easier
  • Effortless to slip the boot on and off
  • Comin at an affordable price


  • ​​Sold in singles
  • A bit prone to dirt and dust

About The Manufacturer: EasyCare Inc.

EasyCare already has over 50 years of experience in making hoof boots for your horse. Since its first Easyboot Trail’s introduction in the 1970s, the company has brought a new concept in place of the traditional iron shoes – for every situation, from daily riding to taking care of injuries in the hoof.

To do so, EasyCare promises to develop its boots with the best materials and the latest technologies/standards in the field. Even more, the company maintains a dedicated team, with 70 horses, ready to head out on long rides up to test its boots thoroughly.

Thus, you can trust the quality and performance of EasyCare products. Take Easyboot Trail for a typical example.

Easyboot Trail Reviews: What We Like

Rich in sizes

The very first feature we want to praise about Easyboot Trail is the unique sizing, making it easy for you to pick up the right one for your beloved horse.

The size is significant when it comes to choosing a hoof boot. Too small and your horses will feel bad rather than comfortable. Snug fit even worsens the injuries, if any. Nonetheless, if the shoes can be twisted at ease, they can fall off during the ride.

Fortunately, the Easyboot Trail comes in 7 sizes, along with a detailed sizing chart on their website for your reference.

easycare easyboot trail

Easy-to-wear construction

What makes hoof boots more and more popular compared to traditional steel boots is that they are effortless to install to the horses’ hoof.

Come to think of Easyboot Trail; makes the task even more effortless thanks to the straps, cup gaiter, and double velcro flaps.

Accordingly, you just need to slide the boot over, and the gaiter will take place to tap it firmly around the hoof. Then you can fasten the boot with the double Velcro straps. They not only secure the boot but are also adjustable to add extra comfort to the hoof.

Believe it or not, it takes only 5 minutes to install four Easyboot trails.

What’s more, both hook and loop are on the backside to ensure a more secure and comfortable to a higher grade.

Comfort under the hoof

The whole boot is designed to provide comfort and relief to your horses.

Accordingly, the upper is improved with additional front and wrap-around shields, as well as more prominent rivets. Also, the neoprene upper rim is supposed to be more comfortable. There are even two rolls of cushion instead of one like other boot trails.

Besides, the screwed-on attachment system is removable and replaceable if needed.

Affordable price

Apart from the quality, the Easyboot Trail is preferred for its price.

The boot is twice as cheap as other horse boots, which have similar construction and materials.

Easyboot Trail Reviews: What We Don’t Like

Sold as single

It makes sense that the Easyboot Trail is sold as singles because some might only want one boot for the injured boot.

Nevertheless, we strongly recommend you have two or four boots to wear on all hoofs sometimes instead of the steel hoofs.

Take time to clean

The boot is not the hardest to clean that we know, but obviously, not the easiest one. After a ride, you had a better look inside the boot. If there is trash, then take it off for a quick clean.


1. How long can I leave these boots on my horse?

The Easyboot Trail is designed to stay comfortable on the hoof during long riding. Nonetheless, it would help if you did not leave them for several hours at a time. Otherwise, sores can develop on the heel bulbs.

2. Where is the size chart?

You can find one on the website of EasyCare. Then follow the instruction to calculate the right size for your horse.

3. How to measure the size of the boot?


Start with measuring the width across the fullest point of the bottom. Then, measure the hoof length from toe to buttress without including the bulbs.

Then, compare the results with the size chart above.

Sum It Up

All in all, most EasyCare Easyboot Trail reviews conclude that these hoof boots are helpful and friendly with all horses. Thus, it is well worth purchasing.

All to do is consider the size chart carefully and figure out one size. Always remember that you hardly can be comfortable in an ill-fitting shoe. So does your horse!

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