Easycare Easyboot Cloud Hoof Boot In Depth Reviews

Every horse owner should not fail to equip it with a pair of boots, which prevent the risks of footsore and injuries while ensuring comfort during the ride.

If you decide to buy decent boots for your horse but are at a loss to choose among various products on the market, look no further than my Easycare Easyboot Cloud Hoof Boot review below.


One of the best horse boots currently on the market!

Highlights of EasyCare Easyboot Cloud Hoof Boot.

  • The therapeutic hoof boot system provides superb comfort and support.
  • Highly recommended for horses with hoof problems and chronic lameness.
  • High-profile air vents better circulation while preventing dirt accumulation.
  • Vary in many different sizes.
  • EVA pad offers extra comfort

Pros and cons



  • Particularly designed for horses with afflicted hooves
  • Provide support and comfort
  • Well-ventilated
  • Prevent dirt accumulation
  • Snug fit enables free movement
  • Easy to install and remove
  • The seams and edges made of industrial Cordura are rounded for safety
  • Closed-cell EVA standard pads can be removed to boost comfort
  • Quite a few customers meet with sizing issues
  • Some deliveries arrive late

About EasyCare Inc.

The brand prides itself on knowing one thing or two about manufacturing hoof boots. Naturally, it is ranked among one of the most trusted brands nowadays.

Dr. Neel Glass founded EasyCare in 1970 with a view to easing navicular disease for his horse. To achieve that, he created a comfortable, padded shoe instead of the iron shoe, and this Easyboot was the first hoof boot in the equine industry.


With 50 years of expertise in producing horse boots, the brand nowadays continues to provide an innovative array of products. Once you buy them, it is highly likely that you will become a loyal customer considering their decent quality.

In-depth Easyboots Cloud Boot for Horses review

A wide range of sizes

You can feel free to choose among 10 size options, whether your horse’s hooves are wide or narrow. Sizing is of paramount importance, as it helps with easing foot conditions, not to mention your horse’s freedom to move.

Relieving pain

Easyboot’s ability to reduce ongoing pain may be the greatest feature that sets it apart. As mentioned before, the boots are specially designed for horses with different conditions, namely thin soles, abscesses, laminitis stages, chronic lameness, lower limb, etc.

In addition to offering excellent comfort, the EVA standard pads also facilitate movement and reduce your animal’s recovery time after injury. Thanks to this, traveling on hard surfaces for a long time will be easier than before now that your horse is fitted up with functional boots. The pads are also sized to the boots and have a slight wedge to them. When these wear out, you can buy replacement pads that are sold individually.


Easy wearing

Another plus of Easycare Easyboot Cloud Hoof Boot is that it is easy to be worn and take off at will. It does not take up to one minute to put the boots on your horse, and some other while for the animal to feel comfy. Once the horse reaches that stage, it will feel the same from then on.

You can also rest assured that they will offer a snug fit, and will not come off during the ride unless you deliberately do it. On top of that, the boots are very lightweight(only 1.2lbs with the pads included), which further supports wearing issues.

One thing to bear in mind: You had better rely on the sizing chart for your choice, or else the boots will be too tight or loose for your horse.

Air circulation

Here comes one more outstanding feature of the product: three air vents that aid air circulation. This is especially important if your horse needs to wear the boots for a long time.

If they are not equipped with air vents, they run the risk of housing bacteria, which is likely to cause infection. In other words, the boots will worsen the hooves’ condition instead of relieving pain as expected.

On top of that, the amount of dirt and debris clinging onto the boots will be reduced, thus helping the boots to fulfill their ability.

High-profile construction

Not mentioning the boots’ material as one of the pluses is definitely a serious omission. The seams and edges are made of high-quality Cordura, which is a collection of fabric technologies. Cordura-based products are very long-lasting thanks to their ability to resist abrasions as well as wear and tear.

Used in conjunction with other features

The comfort the boots provide can be taken to a higher level by using them in parallel with the EasyCare Therapy Click System, which allows you to customize the break over and heel elevation. There are two options to go for: 5-degree and 10-degree bases, which depend upon the size of your boots.

On top of that, you can also make use of the EasyCare Quick Studs, which come in a set of 16. When it comes to installing and removing the studs, purchasers are put at ease because of the simplicity. They are ideal for providing extra traction on wet, muddy, and slippery terrains, thus deterring your horse from potential injuries. Thanks to the small size, they are also applicable to harder surfaces and do not penetrate through the boots without posing any threats to your horse.


Considering what Easyboot features, it is no doubt why the product, together with the brand, is one of the top-rated these days. After reading my definitive Easycare Easyboot Cloud Hoof Boot above, I hope you have made up your mind as to what option to go for as well as derived some valuable experience.

At the price range of the product, what it has to offer exceeds my expectations, and is sure to satisfy even the most demanding customers! So, what are you waiting for? Head to the store to buy your close companion this footwear so that it can be protected from pain and injuries.


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