The Best of Double T Saddles Reviews of 2023 – Are They Excellent?

After you have got a horse, the next thing you need to buy is a saddle. It may be one of the most expensive pieces of equipment that you need to invest in. If you have not decided what to buy yet, check our Double T saddles in the reviews!


But remember! It is essential to consider beyond a saddle that just fits well or looks attractive. So please, pick a product that can serve both you and your horse well.

Do you know that Double T, is a recent favorite brand of horse owners? Let’s discover its saddles!

Double T History

double t saddleryAs you know, this brand produces a wide range of saddles to meet different horseback riding needs.

Unluckily, we could find little information about who owns Double T Saddlery.

As far as we know, the company is located in Kanpur, India. Along with Double T, it also includes other brands, such as Circle S, Showman, and Blue River.

This brand is still quite new in this industry, and it has been bringing high-quality products to horse riders for ten years. It concentrates on the affordable range with uniquely and appealingly designed models using premium materials.

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Overview of Double T saddles

What do customers feel about Double T saddles? Here are some characteristics of these saddles!


Do you know that all saddles of this brand are handcrafted from genuine D & D leather in combination with stainless steel? That is why you do not have to worry about corrosion or rusting!

If you are seeking a lightweight model that requires less cleaning and maintenance than leather ones, Double T synthetic or nylon saddles will be a great option to go.

Synthetic has become more common because it is more affordable, lightweight, and easier to maintain. Also, you can easily host off most synthetic saddles after several times of use without oiling or extra maintenance.

But whether you are a fan of traditional or synthetic saddles, remember to examine the stitching, finish, and fittings carefully. Ensure everything is secure – nothing is loose, missing, or in the wrong place.

One more thing – never choose vinyl leather and nickel hardware; otherwise, your saddle will suffer from rust.


The saddles from Double T usually come at a reasonable price. No matter whether you choose a saddle or your child, with its high quality, you can use it for a long time.

Although this brand is often seen as an economical choice, the quality of its product will go beyond the price and make you satisfied.


Double T comes with a variety of saddles. There is a wide selection of pony or youth saddles, treeless saddles, cutting saddles, or pleasure saddles for adults.

But Double T also concentrates on developing barrel saddles, trail saddles, show saddles, ranch saddles, or reining saddles.

What about sizes? There is a wide range of saddle sizes for you to choose from 8 inches, 12 to 18 inches.

They also bring a unique, colorful, and stylish look that you hardly find anywhere else.


In case of any problems with your saddles, you do not need to throw them away. Each product offers a 5-year warranty.

So you see, the manufacturer has always stood behind its saddles, and the saddle quality is designed to last.

What we love:

Because most of these Double T saddles are purchased from online forums does not mean they have bad quality. Okay, so let me sum up the pros of these saddles.

  • Beautiful and stylish saddles
  • A wide range of saddles to select
  • Bring comfort to both you and your horse
  • Durable
  • Reasonable price

What we do not like:

We agree that these products have a lot of outstanding features. However, we also had some bad experiences with them. For example, the tree was not straight but bent to one side, and the stirrup fell off a few times.

What’s more, the limited company history can make customers doubtful about its products.

Do you want to get one? We have some choices below – do not forget to check them out!

Double T Saddles Suggestions

Here are some top-rated saddle models from Double T.

#1:Double T 13″ Barrel Style Saddle.

The gullet is the width underneath the swell, which the tree horn anchors to.

Fits over the shoulders of your horse.

13″ Double T saddle set with oak leaf tools and pink crystal.

This saddle features medium oak leaf tool skirts with a zigzag tool border.

It’s really made for cute girls. Mudguard and rudimentary lever are accented with zigzag tool contour.

Matches medium leather oak leaf hood and bra set accented by pink crystal rhinestone on the cuff.

Headstall comes with 5/8 “x 7 ‘split reins.


The Brand Name is ‎Double T
The Color is Tan, medium oil
The Material is ‎Leather, Pink Filigree Top Grain Leather
The Suggested Users for ‎Women’s, Boys, Men’s, Unisex, Girls
The Size is 13″
The Item Weight is ‎15 Pounds
The Manufacturer is ‎Double T

#2: Double T 16″ Western Show Saddle

Introducing the Double T 16″ Western Show Saddle. This saddle is perfect for those who want to make a statement in the show ring.

Featuring a 16″ padded suede leather seat, silver engraved in-skirt riggings, and Floral and basketweave tooling, this saddle is sure to turn heads. Large silver accents on the pommel and skirts complete the look.

The stirrup adjustment range of 37″ to 42″ makes it easy to get the perfect fit for your horse.

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line show saddle, look no further than the Double T 16″ Western Show Saddle. This beautifully designed saddle is made with electroplated silver trim and features a padded leather seat that’s fully tooled. It also comes with a thick fleece lining on the underside to ensure your horse’s comfort while you ride.


The Brand Name is ‎Double T
The Color is ‎Light
The Material is ‎Leather
The Manufacturer is Double T

#3: Double T 15″, 16″ barrel saddle with flex tree

This 15″ or 16″ Double T barrel saddle with flex tree is perfect for the serious barrel racer.

It features beautiful floral and basketweave tooling on the skirts, fenders, cantle, and pommel.

The saddle has in-skirt rigging, roughout jockeys, and a suede leather seat for optimal comfort.

It also comes with a wood tree covered in fiberglass to ensure a secure fit while you’re racing around the barrels.


The color is ‎Light Brown
The Material is ‎Leather
The Package Weight is ‎25 Pounds
The Size is ‎15″ or 16″ Seat

The Manufacturer is ‎Double T

To sum up.

Double T Saddles are stunning and affordable, but they remain some drawbacks.

But overall, they are excellent products anyway. The quality, of course, cannot be compared to that of other expensive brands, but it is durable.

We hope our Double T saddles reviews will help you to make a smart decision. Thank you for reading.

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