Do Horseshoes hurt the Horse? Discover the Truth!

Do Horseshoes hurt your Horse? Absolutely NOT!

In general, the horseshoes are added straightly to the hoof. Most of us are worried about applying and taking off their shoes will be distressing for the horses.

Nonetheless, this is an entirely pain-free process because the hard part of a horse’s hoof does not keep any nerve ending. Thus, horses do not have the signs of pain or belligerence because they just feel like…their fingernails trimmed and cut!

do horseshoes hurt horse

What are the horseshoes?

The horseshoes are the footwear for horses. This is a human-made product to protect their hooves for a while.

It could be metal, steel, or aluminum and attached to the hooves of a horse. It looks like their boots!

A horseshoe is put via the hoof wall to nail to the palmar surface of the hooves.

The horse wall is comparable to human toenails, but it is possibly thicker and bigger than the longest toenails. Horses do not experience any ache when being shod.

Why should horses wear their shoes?

I am sure that many people have the same question “Do horses need to wear shoes?” as human beings?

Basically, the foot of a horse has toes with a broad tip. This is called the hoof (surrounding the toe).

Hooves are made of dead tissue, so they do not feel any pain. Also, the horse’s heels do not reach the ground.

Horseshoes are necessary for their hooves as these parts could be damaged from the tough surface or rough floor.

Furthermore, the horseshoes probably help horses get rid of standing on sharp objects which injure their natural hooves.

Hooves also play a key role for their feet as these are often in contact with different areas like concrete and other surfaces.

How long should you change the new horseshoes?

The time to replace the horseshoes should be 1 year. It probably does not incapacitate, but it can hurt the horse if the shoes abrade over time.

A horse hoof is also frequently shrinking like our lungs. Therefore, you should make sure that their boots are correctly suited and checking sizes.

By doing these, you can evade the opportunities of making pain for their shoes while wearing.

Why don’t donkeys need to wear shoes?

It is said that donkeys own firmer hooves than horses. It could be their wild ancestors have sturdy hooves.

Most of the donkeys are the African Wild Ass which lives in the harsh condition like the mountainous habitats. So, donkeys wall have less stressful environments than horses.

However, you should also wear shoes for donkeys to avoid the weakened hooves in a prolonged time.

Final words

Why do horses wear shoes? This is because shoes can protect their hooves for a while. Additionally, their steps are stronger with solid boots. You enable to ride horses safely too!  You enable to watch this video below to get a deep understanding of the horseshoes:


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