Do Horses Like to Be Ridden by Humans?

Whether a horse enjoys being ridden or not has been a question posed by many – “Do Horses like to be Ridden by Human?” Of course, the simple answer is YES. They do. Yet, many signs will let you be sure of the exact moment when you can ride your horse.

There are many benefits from riding a horse, physical and mental ones. But, it’s also true that a horse can be ridden to death; knowing what not to do is essential to take care of a horse and to earn their love.

Horses like to be Ridden by Human or not

Do horses like to be ridden by humans?

Yes, they DO.

Horses are beautiful and strong animals, and it would be effortless for them to toss us off if they wouldn’t want us riding.

A horse will determine whether you are fit to ride them, and that is the best way to know that he likes it and that he likes you.

But NOTICE, to ride a horse, the animal must LIKE you and feel comfortable around you first.

You may wonder then:

When can you ride your horse?

Gaining the horse’s trust is VITAL.

Be a leader, not a boss.

Show leadership when dealing with them, but in a slow and delicate way

DON’T attempt to get on a horse forcefully.

Let him make the first move and pay close ATTENTION to his “body language.”

Show your control over him on the ground and lead him at your pace.

You will know instinctively when to ride a horse; the animal will let you know his behavior.

He will be still once he is comfortable with your presence, and it will be easier to mount.

But does this mean he has feelings for you?

Probably he is starting to like you by then, yet for them to love you takes TIME and DEDICATION.

Pamper him

The ULTIMATE way you can bond with your horse is by grooming him.

It can be a great experience for both parties, and it’s also quite relaxing.

Make sure you give him treats when he has behaved well.

A great and healthy combination is fruits and vegetables such as apples, strawberries, carrots, celery, etc.

Can Horses Eat CarrotsNow CAUTION, some snacks that he may like are actually quite harmful.

CHOCOLATE is a big example of it; research what they can and cannot eat.

Wanna pet him?

DON’T go for his head when caressing. At first, it will be uncomfortable. So instead, let him show you where to touch.

Hug him only when he is relaxed.

Did he nicker at you?

Expect a shower of fond licking and wet kissing, and he does it when he is comfortable.

And NO, you are not CRAZY. By now, he probably likes you.

However, is it a good exercise to ride a horse?

AMAZING exercise.

There are many health benefits from riding a horse.

From improving your strength, muscle tone, and balance; to boost your mental wellness.

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Much more than sit down

Horses are large, powerful creatures. Therefore, it requires the use of many muscles in the human body to mount them.

The back, pelvic and abdominal muscles are the most benefited.

Riding a horse is an excellent exercise.

How it helps the mind?

Riding creates an effect similar to meditation. When in synchronicity with the horse, riders become focused and aware of its movement, and unrivaled concentration is achieved.

Want to know the best part?

This feeling of peace and awareness improves our concentration and reduces stress.

Care for your horse

Horses are so wonderful that we must know how not to harm them.”

An example of abuse is to demand too much, to the point where they break their legs and suffer different aches.

Furthermore, can they get too exhausted, to the point of SUDDEN death?

Sadly, YES, a horse can be ridden to death.

Dehydration, extreme fatigue, and heart attack are but common causes of why a horse can drop dead instantly.

Especially when not given proper and periodical rest.

Many horses have died whilst on the course of a race.

Horse drops dead on race

Horse drops dead on race

What’s the bottom line?

A horse’s love is not easy to achieve, but they do LIKE to be ridden by their chosen humans.

Be perseverant, patient, and loving. Know when you can ride a horse.

Take proper care of your equine partner, and they will adore you beyond measure.

Do that, and you can ride them PROUD and CONFIDENT that you are both enjoying the experience together.

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