Clydesdale Horse Height: What is The Number? (Read now)

Horses are versatile animals whose size varies a lot. We have known about ponies as the smallest horses in the world.

Meanwhile, horses originating in the Shire can reach the best height. Well-known as one of the biggest horse breeds, Clydesdale is proud of its height. You may wonder how much is Clydesdale horse height.

Clydesdale Horse Height

Clydesdale horse profile

History of Clydesdale

Clydesdale horses were named after the river Clyde which passes through Lanarkshire, Scotland where this breed developed. Because of the size and endurance, Scottish people have introduced this breed to regions in the US. They were used for transport in the 18th century, but now, the breed is at risk all over the world.

Facts of Clydesdale’s body

Clydesdale horses have a robust body shape. You will see it from a Clydesdale a broad chest, arched neck, and great back. That’s why they were in favor of transportation means as well as production.  The army even took use of them for the movements of soldiers.

Clydesdales do have not many remarks in their body. They usually appear in dark colors or bright chestnuts. However, you can expect some silky white feet. Most Clydesdales have a white blaze on their face as a breed’s remark. Speaking of lifespan. A Clydesdale can live up to 25 years if in good care.

How much is Clydesdale’s horse height?

When you first see a Clydesdale, you could be impressed by its size. As one of the biggest horse breeds in the world, Clydesdales look as huge as any other Shire horse.

The average height of an adult Clydesdale can reach 16 HH (Hands high), but the tallest one of the breed can peak at 20.2 HH. It’s no doubt about this height because this breed is born with a high look. A newborn Clydesdale can stand more than 3.5 feet tall.

The weight of the breed matches the height. An adult horse weighs about 1600 pounds on average. However, a 1.5-ton Clydesdale horse was recorded in 2009.

With that size, now, we understand why these horses could pass by long days on the road to come abroad and transport a fully armed military.

Height of Clydesdale horse in comparison to other breeds

Despite the bulky size, Clydesdale has not been the champion for the biggest or tallest horse breed in the world.

The Shire has been recorded to have the tallest horse breed, in general, and even individually. The tallest Shire horse named Sampson is 21.2 ½ HH. None of the existing horses can beat this number so far. You can read more about the difference between Shire & Clydesdale here.

However, it’s undeniable that Clydesdale appears giant to other little breeds such as a Falabella or Miniature. These small breeds are only around 20 to 25 inches high.

We could never be sure of the maximum height for a Clydesdale because they are still in development. To tell how much is Clydesdale horse height, we should estimate 16 HH as an average number.

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