Cavallo Sport Hoof Boot Review of 2023: Is It Worth The Praise?

A pair of hoof boots is necessary gear for horses. It helps to protect horses from the risk of footsore and injuries while providing comfort and flexibility on the trail.

Hoof boots are versatile for any type of riding activity. If you need a suggestion for a multi-purpose product, don’t miss out on our article on the Cavallo Sport Hoof Boot reviews.


Highlights Of Cavallo Sport Hoof Boot Slim Sole

  • Slim sole hoof boots for horses with narrow hooves
  • Multi-purpose boots that can be used on all terrains
  • Vary in 7 different sizes
  • Made of Denier nylon, supporting better comfort and flexibility
  • Upgraded outsole design with a great amount of traction
  • Recommended for horses with chronic pain and sensitive hooves
  • ideal for treating navicular disease, abscesses, contracted heels, laminitis, sole bruising, etc.

Pros and Cons



  • Designed for narrow-hoof horses
  • Lightweight and durable construction
  • Ideal for riding on all terrains
  • Foam-filled collar made of soft leather for better pastern protection
  • Composed of heavy-duty 1680 Denier nylon
  • Feature Velcro closures for a tight fit
  • Prevent water, and accumulated sand with the built-in drainage
  • Built-in break over
  • Innovative sole design for natural heel movements
  • Excellent traction with swift and natural movements
  • Feature molded-in back flaps to absorb abrasion and protect heel bulbs
  • Reflective piping for night riding
  • Support healthier hooves with better blood circulation
  • Many users have sizing issues.
  • A bit pricey

In-depth Cavallo Sport Hoof Boot Review

All-terrain slim hoof boots

Cavallo boots are most well-known for their versatility. You can use them on a trail, for transportation and breeding, or to use them as alternative tires for lost shoes. They can do their best in protecting your horse’s feet and hooves, no matter how tough the terrain is.

The waterproof tread is designed to reduce rock debris, sand, and dust accumulation, which will affect the grip of the boots and the overall performance.

As the name suggests, these boots feature slim soles, which means that they will only cover the hoof. This feature is especially helpful for horses with sensitive skin, as the boots will not come into contact with the leg’s hair coat.

Easy wearing

Another excellent point of these Cavallo boots is that they are easy to wear and take off. It takes a minute to put the boots on your horse’s hooves, yet you still can rest assured that they can stay securely without slipping off.

On top of that, the boots are designed to fit the natural hoof size, thus giving a snug fit. But if you want to ensure better security, then make use of the Velcro strap. Whenever your horse does not feel like using it anymore, you can easily remove it in a minute.


Reliable construction

In the hoof boot industry, Cavallo boots earn a reputation for their long-lasting characteristics, even after years of use.

The upper of the boots is made of 1680 Denier Ballistic Nylon, a heavy-duty fabric known for its durability. It also accounts for the high-level abrasion resistance of the boots, along with the molded-in back flap.

Aside from that, this Sport model features foam-filled collars that are composed of leather. This construction not only supports overall comfort but also effectively protects the pastern, which is a sensitive area liable to acute injuries.

Promote healthy hooves

According to Cavallo Inc, these Sport hoof boots are useful for treating certain hoof and feet issues, such as tissue inflammation, abscesses, contracted heels, navicular disease, and more.

Furthermore, equine experts highly recommend Cavallo hoof boots for horses having issues with their hooves or chronic pain. While offering the necessary protection from possible injuries, the boots do wonders for absorbing the shock without affecting the horse’s legs.

Besides, the construction facilitates better expansion and contraction of the hoof walls. It further supports adequate blood circulation since the blood-pumping mechanism in the horse goes from the heart to the hooves.

Upgraded sole features

Cavallo Inc prides itself on innovative outsole features that benefit both horses and riders. The slim and low-profile sole comes in an oval shape and features a surefooted tread with a break-over allowance, which offers excellent grip and traction.

The outsole material is the high-performance TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), an elastic and versatile compound with excellent durability and flexibility. Therefore, it provides superior hoof protection and shock absorption capabilities.

The excellent sole design allows horses to move swiftly without any discomfort. Besides, it helps to prevent heel pain in your horse as much as possible, thanks to the natural heel break.


Cavallo hoof boots are among the most reliable products in the industry. And this Sport model with slim outsoles is a must-try choice for your horse, especially essential if your horse is having hoof issues.

I hope you can have a thorough understanding of this product through my article on the Cavallo sport hoof boot review. At this price range, the benefits these Cavallo boots offer undoubtedly will not disappoint you and your beloved horse.

Have you used Cavallo Sport Boots before? Feel free to tell me your opinion by commenting below!

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