Can Horses Eat Watermelon? What watermelon provides?

We’re back, horse lovers!

Our next question “can horse eat watermelon” today will help you find out another eatable fruit that your beloved horse can enjoy. However, if you stop here and feed watermelon to him instantly, you will be in trouble soon.

Do you know how much watermelon should you feed the horses? Should you remove seeds before giving them to them? Etc.

Although you get a big YES when allowing your horse to eat watermelon, you MUST consider some essentials things before starting.

And don’t forget to follow our upcoming posts to know which food items your horse can and cannot eat. From there, you can take care of him better and better.Can Horses Eat Watermelon


What watermelon provides?

Watermelon boast of its sweet flavor and unique taste that can tempt not only your appetite but also the nose and palate buds of different animals. Horses are not exceptional, of course.

This delicious and refreshing fruit mainly contains water (90%). That’s why eating it is always a great treat that you can give to yourself and your horse during a hot summer day. Even, he loves to eat it cold as you do.

But, remember that this fruit only has a few nutrients. Therefore, it’s best to feed him as small treats or rewards.

Can horses eat watermelon rind and seeds?

If horses can eat watermelon, will they eat all or just the flesh like us? Indeed, it’s safe to let them eat the outer skin or rind of the watermelon.

In our opinion, you should experiment with both to determine what he prefers. Some might love the flesh only while others are happy to enjoy the grind.

How about the seeds?

We suggest you should remove the watermelon seeds before feeding him. The reason is that when the seeds are digested, they will deliver small quantities of cyanide. And this might create harmful effects on the horse’s health in the long term.

Therefore, instead of giving the whole watermelon, it’s best to prepare it. Let’s guide you on how to do at this time!

  • Firstly, cut the melon in half.
  • Then take the seeds and center out.
  • Chop it up into medium-sized pieces and then feed the horse.
  • Avoid giving him large chunks because they might cause him to choke.
  • Or if you’re tired of removing the seeds, buying seedless watermelon will be an excellent idea. All you just do is to cut it into small chunks. And your horse definitively loves it.

Should you feed more or less watermelon to horses?

On the whole, you have successfully found the reasons why horses can eat watermelon, right?

But, remember that your horse needs to enjoy this fruit in moderation. Overeating creates a high-water content and makes him ignore his normal and well-balanced diet. Then he will become nutrient deficient in the long run.

The ideal and safe amount that you should feed your horse is about one pound of watermelon and less once or twice a week. Note to give him in the warm summer weather because this refreshing fruit has the high-water content to cool him down.

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