Can Horses Eat Pears? Learn Useful Tips to Feed Them Better!

As pears are fresh and affordable, you may wonder: can horses eat pears? The answer is yes, they can and they do. In fact, horses enjoy pears as much as apples, carrots, and several other treats.

Even though pears look squidgy and delicious, feeding them to horses is not an easy task. To avoid any trouble, you need to know some key information and tips first.

How many pears should you let your horse eat? Should we remove their rind and seeds beforehand? You will know the answers in the next sections.

Can Horses Eat Pears?

What benefits does eating pears bring to your horse?

Pears attract horses with not only their sweet taste but also their crunchy flesh. No wonder they have become the favorite food of our equine friends.

But do you know that they are also very helpful to horses’ digestive systems?

Pears are high-fiber and contain a low quantity of proteins when compared to other fruits. The nutrition content makes them a well-balanced and suitable treatment for your horse, providing him with an appropriate amount of vitamins B2, C, and E.

One particularly important nutritious component in pears is the soluble fiber called pectin. It strengthens horses’ stomachs in various ways:

It helps horses absorb nutrients better by slowing down the digestive process.

It prevents the increase of stomach acid.

It reduces the formation of sores in the stomach.

Now that you have known the benefits of pears, let’s discover the proper way to feed your horse!

How to treat horses with pears?

Though pears are healthy and tasty, allowing your horse to eat many pears at once can be harmful. His diet is consistent and his digestive system is sensitive. He can eat the rind, but the seeds contain cyanide which is dangerous to his body in the long term.

Let’s see some steps to prepare the best treatment for your horse:

Firstly, wash the pears with water to remove dirt and bacteria.

Next, cut the pears in half. Remove stalk and seeds.

Finally, chop pears into small pieces. Your horse can get too excited and choke on large proportions.

Remember not to give him pears in bulk. He can become full and could not eat other foods that are necessary during the day. No more than 2 pounds of pears and twice a week are appropriate for an average-sized horse.

It’s time to know: Can horses eat pears?

To put it bluntly and answer the original question, surely horses can eat pears. Pears are one of the safest fruits for the equine world. They provide a supplement to horses’ diets. And our beloved friends love them.

But keep in mind:

There are notifications and guidelines when feeding pears to horses. They are sensitive to changes in their eating habit. Follow the above steps and tips to make sure your horse can enjoy his pears.

When used carefully and prepared properly, pears will be a great treat. They will please horses’ tastes and enhance their health. And we love to see our friends healthy and happy.

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