Can Horses Eat Peanut Butter? Don’t Hesitate to Read Now!

Hey, guys, how are you? Is there anything special today? I have a hilarious story to tell you now.

This morning, while I ate breakfast with peanut butter sandwiches. My lovely horse (my pet) ran toward me and looked at me with a loving look.

Can horses eat peanut butter? Is he begging? Yes, he wanted to eat my breakfast, and I gave him a piece of peanut butter sandwich. Oh, he consumed it in a blink, and he wanted some more. Surprisingly, horses love to eat peanut butter.

Can Horses Eat Peanut Butter

Peanut butter can cause your horse obesity.

My horse is like a kid, and he is very gluttonous. Like this morning, he requested to eat my peanut butter. So I fed him because I think peanut butter is also good for him. This food is full of nutrients.

Peanut butter contains lots of calories, lipids, and sugar. Therefore I think it can lead a horse to obesity if I let my horse eat too often. What a headache, right?

From today, I have to change my breakfast dish. I can’t eat peanut butter every day because my lovely horse would beg me when he looked at me eating.

I have surfed the web to see whether peanut butter is perfect for horses; some say peanut butter is safe for horses. So I’m sure this food is not toxic to my horse. However, if your horses are insulin resistant or overweight, do not let them eat peanut butter. It can make their health worse.

Some people say that horses should not eat peanut butter

Horses are animals that adapt to eat natural foods (fresh and unprocessed foods) such as grass, fruit … That reason makes some people think the horse’s digestive tract works for any food.

Peanut butter is not good for horses. It can cause the horse many digestive diseases such as indigestion, abdominal pain, diarrhea…I think they can be right, but I think it’s not so serious. Although horses should not be eating natural foods, they can also eat processed foods sometimes. No problem! Human grows eating cooked food, but occasionally we can eat raw meat such as Salmon sashimi (Japanese dish).

The result

We can conclude that horses can eat peanut butter. Of course, you can let your horse eat peanut butter in a considerable amount. But it is better to consider peanut butter as a treat that comes occasionally. About me, I still give my horse peanut butter sometimes, like giving a kid some sweet.

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