Discover The Fact: Can Horses Eat Peaches?

Known as herbivores, horses are natural vegetarians who are physically born to feed on plants and fruits. But can horses eat peaches? It remains a controversial question for a lot of horse owners.

Can Horses Eat Peaches?

Are Peaches Poisonous To Horses?

Peach (or also scientifically called the Prunus Persica) is a tree that relates to the wild cherry tree. It grows broadly with an average height of 15 to 25 feet and appears in many countries.

Although many people believe that peaches are not good, the answer to the question “Can horses eat peaches?” is Yes. Peaches are wonderful for horses as they possess many nutrients and even have a lower sugar rate than other fruits.

But keep your horses far away from the leaves of the peaches. They’re the real Grim Reaper.

Here is the reason why:

Their leaves contain cyanide that can be secreted when they are wilted or damaged.

Cyanide is extremely hazardous to horses. Combining with the iron in a horse’s body, cyanide will block the horse’s respiratory system. It means that going into the horse’s body, and this toxic will stop the transportation of oxygen in his bloodstream, which in the end will cause the death of that horse.

A few symptoms happen right after the horse eats the peach leaves: troubled breathing/ flared nostrils/ cooperation deficiency/ hyperkinesia.

Usually, the horse owners won’t witness any symptoms since the process happens really fast. However, in most cases, the horse will die due to poisoning.

Tips For Feeding Horses With Peaches

First of all:

Horse owners have to acknowledge that overfeeding a horse with fruits can lead to deadly results. Peach is not an exception at all. Eating too many peaches can cause gas colic in horses.

The same as the discomfort and horrible feeling humans get when we overeating, horses feel obnoxious, too. But for horses, it’s even worse than that. Since horses cannot regurgitate by themselves, the gas will be collected continuously, day by day. Until it reaches the horse’s limit, the intestine of the horse will explode.

Therefore, having an adequate amount is very important. Adequate means only a small amount only. A few pieces or one to two peaches is great for horses. Keep in mind that fruits should only act as a treat, not a meal. It is the same for peaches.


Always remember to remove the huge pits inside the peaches. Swallowing a pit by mistake can cause your horse to choke. The same as the choking phenomenon in humans, it’s hazardous. That’s the reason why pits of peaches are listed in the “avoid by all means” category when it comes to feeding a horse.

Another note is to chop the peaches into pieces or strips (strips are preferred) so that they can avoid choking. Also, don’t forget to wash your fruits carefully before feeding the horses.

Last But Not Least

Now, you get your answer to the controversial question can horses eat peaches or not.

After all, horses are sensitive but easy-going animals when it comes to the topic of food. They can eat any fruits or vegetables we provide them without any rejections.

Just remember to control the amount strictly, and then everything is good.

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