Can Horses Eat Oranges?

I had never imagined giving oranges to my horse because I was afraid his digestive system couldn’t handle the citric acid. Until one day, to all of my surprise, I saw my friend feeding him an orange. He looked so enjoyable. What? Oranges? Does my horse have a problem? Or Can horses eat oranges? It seemed to be an interesting discovery for me. Read my writing below, and don’t try to give your horses oranges before you finish reading this article!

Can Horses Eat Oranges?

Facts About Oranges

From all the research I have read. Actually, horses can eat oranges.

Oranges contain a dose of vitamins and minerals. This will not only brighten the horse’s day but also help your equine friend with additional nutrient support.

Fluids in oranges also allow the horses to stay hydrated.

Other research noted the substance known as hesperidin seems to improve brain function and circulation.

With all the benefits above, I can say that it is safe for horses to eat oranges.

Can Horses Eat Orange Peel?

Yes, He can!

Research shows that oil in the peels can help a horse recover faster after spending a long time working. Especially, 30 grams a day of orange peel can reduce the interferon-gamma at fatigue. In addition, since the orange peel helps with cardiovascular recovery, this is also helpful for their immunity.

Besides, orange peels have flavonoids that are antioxidants, and they also have some compounds that inhibit the development of tumors and reduce inflammation.

What You Should Be Careful When Giving Your Horse Oranges

Even though horses can eat oranges, you shouldn’t be given the main part of their regular diet. Due to the high acidity, giving too many oranges can impact the digestive system. Furthermore, oranges which contain a lot of sugar, can lead to health problems such as upset stomach or discomfort. Therefore, we recommend you only to give the horses 1 – 2 oranges in a week.

While you may want to let, the horses eat the peel, make sure to clean the oranges properly. This will help remove any contaminants and toxins on the surface so that the horse will not suffer from health problems. You should also cut the oranges into smaller slices so that they will not choke the horse.

Another tip for you is that if your horses get irritated by the bitter taste of the peel, you can make salad recipes for them by mixing it with other sweet flavoring fruits such as bananas, carrots, grapes, and watermelon.

My Answer Is….

After doing some research on this topic, I believe that horses can eat oranges. However, because of some side effects, oranges should be just occasional treats, not the main course.


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