Can Horses Eat Meat?

Since inception, horses have been known as a good-natured herbivore. However, this cute species has pulled the wool over the whole world’s eyes.

As many people asked me that “Can Horses eat meat?” so today, I will reveal an undreamed-of secret about this four-leg species. Horses aren’t cold-blooded animals, but they can eat meat.

Even though horses are capable of gorging meat, it doesn’t mean that we should add meat to their daily diet. So, how much meat should we add to their intake? How often should we feed meat to them? And what will happen if they overeat meat? All these queries will be unveiled below.

Can Horses Eat Meat

Can Horses Eat meat – The truth behind the likely–to–be an herbivore

In 2011, CuChullaine O’Reilly exposed a shocking and interesting fact about horses that attracted numerous horse lovers’ attention. In detail, he claimed that horses could be brutal meat-eaters. This proclamation has completely and instantly changed horse breeders’ mindset about their lovely pets.

However, adding meat frequently to horses’ diets isn’t advisable. First of all, it is needed as horses are using to eat vegetables and cereals. Hence, changing their regime by feeding ham, hamburger or sausage could change the horse’s eating behaviors, leading to undesired results.

Secondly, raising a horse with meat is much more money–consuming compared to grass. Last but not least, feed meat improperly could negatively impact the horses’ digestive system.

Everything has its pros and cons, and eating meat isn’t exceptional. Meat such as dried fish, bone meal, or beef gelatin is also used to feed horses during winter for added protein.

Finally, yet importantly, a fully–growth horse could eat up to 2kg of meat per month. Notably, we should feed more protein–provided food for them in winter to help them stay healthy.

What if a horse eats too much meat?

If the fresh meat is fed daily in a considerable amount, horses could encounter several health problems related to digestion and food poisoning. But, more importantly, when they can’t vomit, the toxin could gradually harm their body and potentially cause death.

When your horse overeats meat, let turn them into a full–time vegetarian and come to the nearest vet store to purchase digestion support supplement. Then, when he gets well, instead of feeding a big piece of meat, let him cut it into small pieces and mix with vegetables.

Meat is OKAY

In short, horses can eat meat. And the intake quantity vastly depends on the horse’s weight, age, growth, health, eating habits, and environment.

Feeding your lovely friends with all boring vegetables and grant or upgrade their meal time’s quality with a tuna sandwich and hamburger is up to you.

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